Thursday, February 28, 2013


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Nothing more needs to be said.

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  1. Captain America

    Imagine the future when you guys retire!

    Fixed income and the prices go higher and higher.

    The Rich will get Richer and the Poor will get Poorer.

    In the future the little man has no choice but to revolt and with the Wave of many ethnic groups into America their dreams like our For fathers is being lost and what is the Republican Party going to do for them?

    I hope by 2016 the Republican Party Wakes up and remembers it use to be the Party for the little guy, for the immigrants, for the slaves just like Lincoln.

    Keep letting The Democrats out smart you all for the immigrants believe what they hear and read. Is The Republican Party ready to practice what they use to preach?

    The Party for the little guy and not the Rich like the Democrats make it seem.

    Abe Lincoln and ALL the pass Presidents who were TRUE Republicans and who are dead are in Heaven crying for The Republican Party is fading faster and faster. WAKE UP