Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Justin Timberlake's "N---a" Tweet Is Not What You Think!

Apparently, “ninja” is an ethnic slur.  I never got the memo.

Amnesty International: Bunch of Leftist Cowards

Amnesty International joins fellow travelers Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Eric Holder in Ferguson, Missouri to "protest" (incite race riots).

Meanwhile, an American journalist was beheaded by Islamic animals on video. The savages in dirty black pajamas say they beheaded James Wright Foley because President Obama ordered airstrikes against the Muslim pigs attempting genocide in Iraq and calling themselves ISIS/ISIL.

UFT Head Backs Rev. Al, You Won't Believe Members' Reactions!

I'm sure UFT members LOVE this past photo op with UFT Pres. Michael Mulgrew, Rev. Al Sharpton & Randi Weingartner.  Rev. Al's getting the band back together in SI, and UFT members are none too happy!  (H/T HuffPo)
“Would we want cops protesting in front our schools over low test scores?”

The United Federation of Teachers, lead by Michael Mulgrew, has decided to go against the NYPD by sponsoring and joining forces with Al Sharpton's anti-police rally to be scheduled for this Saturday August 23 in Staten Island. And UFT members are voicing their outrage on social media. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lobbyists - Everything You Never Wanted to Know or Didn’t Want to Ask, But I’m Going to Tell You Anyway


There are few words in American society that can arouse such universal revulsion among people of all walks of life as the word lobbyist can. Countless polls, including a December 2013 Gallup poll, show that Americans consider the lobbying industry to be the most dishonest and unethical field in the country. This is an unfortunate perception, as most lobbyists consider themselves fierce defenders of the public interest. While the Jack Abramoffs of the world have left the public with an understandable distaste for the profession, what most Americans do not realize is that corruption is the exception to lobbying, rather than the rule. Currently, there is significant discussion about President Obama's hiring of former lobbyists in the Executive Office, an act that I do not necessarily view as a bad thing. As someone who has worked in the private sector, political campaigns, U.S. Congress, and, currently, as a registered lobbyist, I have viewed the industry from most every angle, and would like to clear up some common misconceptions.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

SAVE THE DATE! 8/14 - Antonacci For Comptroller Fundraiser at MCU Park!

"Come on out the ballpark, and bring the kiddies, why don't 'cha."
Details will be forthcoming, but word on the street is that Bob Antonacci, the CPA / Attorney / Onondaga County Comptroller that is the Republican candidate for NYS Comptroller, will be hosting an affordable - and fun - fundraiser at MCU Park next Thursday, August 14.  

Check back soon for the flyer and more details!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New York: Capital Of Corruption

Yeah.  Right.
Photo by buffalonews.com
(Editor's Note:  Read the entirety of this article on WayneDupree.com - home of #TeamNinja!)

To say that New York politicians are ethically challenged is not exactly going out on any limb. I mean, we are the proud home of the likes of Anthony Weiner. Pols brazenly take money, and even try to rig mayoral nominations.  We even had a former politician who was arrested and convicted for soliciting dirty money from an undercover agent in order to pay for his attorneys fee from his last corruption charge.  No, I did not make that up, his name is William Boyland.  Look it up.   

Past politicians always talked big about cleaning up the Albany cesspool, but nor much resulted.  Even Eliot Spitzer promised to be a "F---in' Steamroller" on ethically challenged pols, before becoming known as Client No. 9. 

But still, hope springs eternal.  So when Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) created a Commission to Investigate Public Corruption under the state's Moreland Act to "probe systemic corruption and the appearance of such corruption in state government, political campaigns and elections in New York State", good government advocates and everyday citizens heralded the news. Maybe, just maybe, this was the turning of the wretched tide. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Twisted Views

Can you step up like this?  Can you put your life on the line for strangers?
Editor's Note:  Mona writes this in response to the National Review “Its Time for Conservatives to Stop Defending Police”)

A.J. Delgado describes the police as a “large group of government employees with generous salaries and unions strongest in the country.” Source, please? Doesn’t she know that the starting salary for NYPD officer is $38,000? Yeah, that’s generous salary if you live in the Midwest. And, do "strong" unions not receive any raises in the past 20 years?

She continues her article by saying that “conservatives being the stalwart defenders of police forces.. and its time for conservatives’ unconditional love affair with the police to end.”


Anti-Obama, Anti-Dem Graffiti Popping Up in Sheepshead Bay

Outside the Sheepshead Bay station
Lately, I've noticed something around the Sheepshead Bay Road area of southern Brooklyn.  In different spots, a vandal, with an anti-Democratic streak, has been leaving his/her mark on poles, walls and doors. Never did I think that i would live to see the day that there would be anti-Democrat political graffiti in Brooklyn, NY!  

Shore Parkway East between East 13th and East 14th Sts. (Photo by Barbara Bazil)

I swear, it wasn't me.  Take a look!