Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kruger Falls. Hard. Enter: David Storobin

So who's ready to campaign in the snow?

Looks like there may be another Special Election in southern Brooklyn (if Gov. Cuomo calls for it - more on that soon, I think!) Obvious when the time comes, I'm sure Russell will be emailing all of us and bribing up with free cocoa and such!

But until then, let's get you caught up on some recent news:

Right now, the buzz in Republican circles is all about David Storobin, who is thought to be the front-runner to be the GOP nominee for the 27th Senate seat vacated by disgraced Democratic Senator Carl Kruger.

And the buzz is getting louder. According to Politicker, Storobin had scheduled a gathering with Sen. Dean Skelos and Marty Golden to meet with some prominent Russian and Orthodox Jewish leaders. And from I've seen and heard, Storobin wowed everyone. the event in Manhattan Beach was attended by close to 100 people, including prominent rabbis from the district. I even heard Sen. Skelos say how Storobin reminded him of himself before his first run - and we all know how that career is going!

Here's a round-up of some recent news and blogs surrounding the seat that mentions Storobin, including a good profile by David Freelander of PolitickerNY:

(And just for fun, here's a recent "hit piece" from that liberal sludge-machine Room Eight trying to get out in front of "KrugerGate" by throwing him under a bus and dubbing Storobin a Russian Rev. Sharpton. Can't call him an anti-Semite like they dubbed me once upon a time, so they call him a plain ol' racist - you seriously can't make this stuff up, folks. )

Keep checking back for updates - this is gonna get good!


  1. Gene we can diasgree about most everything (I never said you were an anti-Semite, I cited a Jewish Week piece which took you to task for exploiting anti-Orthodox sentiment), but please do't say I threw Carl under the bus. This owuld imply that I was once a friend of his and am now behaving like an opportunist. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    1) My issue with Kruger go back over a quarter century:

    2) I published my first anti-Carl Kruger pieces in 20o7, when he was still the Brooklyn GOP's favorite Democrat:

    If you have written something even 1/10th as nasty as Kruger as I did BEFORE HE GOT IN TROUBLE, I would like to see it.

  2. Oh Howard, it is to laugh...

    So you only repeated and linked to someone else's assertions that I am an anti-Semite while mildly toning it down. That's MUCH better!

    As to your challenge: Ask, and ye shall receive. From my (much neglected) personal blog from 2009. Consider it a little holiday gift!

  3. Oh, and as to your definition of "throw under the bus" - please see definition No. 1.

  4. From Your link:

    1) throw under the bus

    "to sacrifice some other person, usually one who is undeserving or at least vulnerable, to make personal gain."

    Gene: Do you really consider Kruger "undeserving" & vulneralbe?

    I suspect that was the attitude of Golden/Eaton Republicans.

    2. throw under the bus

    "One is thrown under the bus when they are made the scapegoat or blamed for something that wasn't their responsibility in the first place. A coverup for your mistake."

    Gene: Who is Kruger supposed to be the scapegoat for? Marty Golden?

    Sorry, Gene, perhaps if you were talking about Republicans throwing Kruger under the bus, your definition might partially qualify but even then I would not think it entirely accurate.

    As to your clips, I might be more impressed if the Brooklyn GOP had endorsed Avi Rosenberg in 2010 (as I did). Further, I would have been more impressed if you had one clip from the time when Kruger was a de facto member of the Senate GOP Majority.

    And I see you are still unwilling to acknowledge that I did not chose to throw Kruger under the bus in 2011. As I've shown, I was perfectly willing to do the job in 2007 (or even 1984)

    As to my one parapgraph buried in a very long essay about the 2009 elections (which would be long forgotten if you didn't keep bringing it up), all I can say is your argument here really isn't with me, it is with a prize winning reporter named Adam Dickter.

  5. Ah, 1984... a very good year indeed, Howard. Forgive me for not talking politics with you then - I was 6 years old. However, I bet back then, you would have given toddler-Gene a run for his money in a political flame-war. Now, not so much.

    That said, even a toddler can see how disingenuous you are. You "challenge" me, I meet your "challenge" with a post from my second year in politics and then you... divert the conversation. Yep, that's about par for the course. What is it that Russell says... liberals love to change arguments mid-stream? Yet another case in point.

    I'd love to go point-by-point with you through all of your little frolics and detours, but I don't punish my readers with seemingly-endless diatribes. (By the way, do people actually read through ALL what you write in one sitting? Or do they have to drink a Red Bull midway through? Seriously, if brevity is the soul of wit, then one of us is witless, and it ain't me!)

    All I'll do to conclude is point out to everyone who is trolling on who's turf. It's not like I'm on Room Eight responding with my nose all out of joint. The mere fact that you're on our little site - and that 4 of your postings in the past 4 days on Room Eight have had some comment on the Brooklyn GOP - is proof positive that we not only struck a nerve, but that you and your ilk are more than a wee bit nervous.

  6. I'm only here as a point of personal privilige.

    It's fair game to attack my views--but to say I threw Carl under the bus imples that i did a bad thing to a friend who did not deserve it. Since I attacked him, in far stronger terms than you did, two years before you did, and ENDORSED AVI ROSEBERG, unlike the Republican Party, I feel my views on Kruger have been distorted, and destorted willfully.

    And yes, that did strike a nerve. As they say in Albany about the nastiest feuds "They go a long way." Kruger and I go back along way.

    Call me a liberal and I might disagree, but I wouldn't bother to argue with you (at least not here), but my anti_Kruger bonafies are something even my worst enemies (including Kruger) freely acknowledge. I have earned them, and have twice had my livelihood threatened because of them. Therefore, it is just plain wrong to accuse me of opportunitic abandonment of Carl Kruger.

    Peace Gere.

  7. So you admit it - this is all about you. It's all about your hubris. It's all about your vanity. It's all about your selfish attempt to make yourself appear better than everyone so you can pat yourself on the back and same "HA! I told you all so!"

    Yep, sounds like you're throwing a fallen foe under the proverbial bus to me. Or kicking a man when he's down. Or tap-dancing on someone's grave. Or whatever phraseology you want to use. In any case, it doesn't speak well of you.

    Thank you for this little insight into your psyche. I think we all learned a lot. Now please, kindly slink back under that rock of a blog from whence you came.

  8. Nick aka Captain America, AKA Bas, Aka The Riddler
    Anybody who talks bad about my friends Storobin, Golden and Eaton and especially you Gene is a MORON and Idiot, with his fancy words and double talk.
    Gene why are you arguing with this MORON Gatemouth. Stop wasting your time he is a total idiot.Since I have used up all of writing time on the other post I have moved here, since the other Post is all me. I love reading my own writings.
    This should get a good comment from Gateraide or what ever his name is.
    Now on to more interesting things.

    Captain America

  9. Nick aka Captain America, AKA Bas, Aka The Riddler
    On with the News and forget this Gatorknowitall

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    Captain America’s team has been doing this all along Batman, just to let you know my friend.
    Batman sometimes The Captain America team makes mistakes like in Yemen with the Airstrike, killing people that are friendly to our cause. If I was there I would have read thru this. One of the, many reason we have to get rid of The Yemen President he is NO good.
    WOW, think of this Venezuela’s Chavez, Rouseeff of Brazil, Argentine’s Kirchner, Lugo of Paraguay (nice place I was there in the 1960’s working) all have cancer. Castro knows what America’s has and blames them for all of these cancers. I always loved Castro, smart as hell, the only thing he was not on Captain America’s team, and will more than likely die a quite death.
    On to Local News This Quinn, Arroyo and Seabrook we have to get rid of them. Martinez and Monserrate are already gone. Thank God.
    Now it is time for the first leg of The Republican Crown:
    Mitt is in first on Change Again and is really whipping the hell out of his horse.
    Paul is a cracker, I mean he is on Cracker and in 2nd and fading for the jig is up on him, unless of course there is a miracle, which I doubt.
    Rickie S. is on Sensible, WOW moving pass Newt and Perry and is in 3rd. God likes Rickie.
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  10. Nick aka Captain America aka Bas, aka The Riddler

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    Captain America aka Bas, aka The Riddler

  12. Happy New Year to All!
    I am getting dizzy with all of these Newspapers. When I was in the service I would travel a lot and since nobody really cared if you learned a language. I made it my business to attempt to understand many of them in case I got in a jam. Since I am now on a mission with Perry I am doing the same with all of the various newspapers and magazines we have here in Brooklyn.
    Now the Democratic Fund raisers are in trouble, bunch of crooks here to. WOW Batman hard to believe, well they are all a bunch of jackass’s.
    Nancy might be leaving. I don’t like her, again my opinion and if she does leave GREAT!
    When O’s daughter asked did he hear about the possibility of Nancy leaving. He looked puzzled and asked who she was. His daughter shook her head and Bo put both paws over ears as if sleeping.
    Sad note actress Kate Stevens is dead. What a beauty she was. Bye Kate, see you in heaven.
    On a brighter side there is this group here in Brooklyn’s Fort Green area that are called Superheroes anonymous who help the needy and animals, one Nicole Abramovici dress’s as Cat Girl. WOW Batman she is a real knockout. She has to be a Republican.
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    Now let’s get on with the race. Mitt is still strong at 1st but has jumped on to another horse called Fat (Wannabe) Boy. Ron on Cracker is still in second but looks tired after spending so much money on this race. Santorum on Sense able is in 3rd, God likes this guy, might have a spot for him, Newt is in 4th and is trying everything, even peeling onions and also changed his horse to Bi-Polar, boy Batman this guy tries everything, are you people sure this guy is a Republican? In 5th is Perry on Jet-Burst, 6th and fading quickly is Michelle on Made Up who is along side of number 7 position Huntsman on Never Chance.
    Now for other papers El Diario has the Race Newt 27%, Mitt 25, Paul 12, Perry 6, Michelle 6, Rick 3 Huntsman 2 makes me wonder do their reporters know where they are
    Polish Daily News – Nothing.
    Polish American Daily - Nothing, article on O not knowing where Poland is. Daughter to O, daddy today we were learning about Poland, O to daughter, what’s there to learn it comes from Maine, daughter shaking head. Bo and Oscar laughing!
    FT times nice article on the race.
    Jewish Herald – Great article on Paul, they see him and Cracker for what they are on Israel, at least Rick Perry defended Israel, let’s go Rick.
    Yiddish Forward – Same type article.
    Greek Herald – Write about Mitt and The Godfather.
    Ogga Italian Paper – Starting to show an interest in the race, about time.
    Korean Times – Small article no pictures on the race, same as above
    New York City Civil Service Paper article about Newt and the janitors (fueling the fire)
    Russian Papers Crete and Argument & Fact Paper Paul article, coverage on race, page devoted to O, not knowing where Russia is. The Mrs. asking a question about Russia and a dinner which is coming up soon in the White House, O to Mrs. yeah The Bears rushing game has gotten better. Bo to Oscar, is this guy a complete Moron, how does she deal with him all day.
    All the Chinese papers starting to show an interest in the race!
    Take care guys Captain American out time for a smoke