Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chairman Eaton to Gov. Cuomo - Schedule Special Election For Kruger's Seat NOW!

Here's an official statement from Brooklyn GOP Chairman, Craig Eaton:

With disgraced Democratic State Senator Carl Kruger’s resignation Tuesday as part his agreement with the U.S. Attorney’s Office to plead guilty to federal charges of bribery and conspiracy charges, Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton called on Governor Andrew Cuomo to immediately recognize this resignation and immediately schedule a special election to fill the 27th Senate District seat for April 24, 2012.

“New York State, and the Board of Elections, is hemorrhaging money. Now that Brooklyn voters have yet another vacant seat to fill thanks to yet another corrupt Democrat, Governor Cuomo must schedule a Special Election as soon as possible - and in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible”, said Eaton. “The people of the 27th Senate district have been without adequate representation for far too long. A Special Election coinciding with the scheduled primary in April is the quickest and most cost effective way to do this.”

Some may argue that scheduling any Special Election with the April primary would result in a higher Republican turnout – a point Eaton dismisses based on recent history. “Governor Cuomo scheduled the 9th Congressional special election for the same day as Democratic primaries in Brooklyn”, said Eaton. “Congressman Bob Turner didn’t complain about his transparent attempt to draw more Democrats to the polls. He got out the vote and he won."

“If Governor Cuomo doesn’t do the right thing and schedule the 27th Senate Special Election for April 24th, then all should question his commitment to cutting government waste and call him out for putting politics ahead of the people of Brooklyn.”

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  1. Hello Mario Cuomo

    Captain America here. I was talking to Bo today The Presidents dog, Oscar was also there he is the squirrel that lives on the lawn of The White House. Both of them seem to like you. That's if you do the right thing with this special election. Many people and animals in Brooklyn are looking at this and will make a call on you whether you like Brooklyn or not.

    President O was asked recently a question about Brooklyn, NY by a Foreign Diplomat who wanted to know were the Dutch the first to settle there. The President looked at him (Bo said here we go, I have to do something quick I know I'll pee on him)The president had to excuse himself and never answered the question. Later on The President thanked Bo. That was a close one Bo, I remember years ago me and the Mrs were in Ohio, there was a Brooklyn, but I can't remember if there is one in New York. Bo to President. Yes it is very huge over 2 million people and is part of New York City. Thanks again Bo. I'll put it in my things to remember book (President jotting down in Book Brooklyn, Michigan population 2 million, when I get to go to Michigan I'll visit there, so many people and I am sure I can get a lot of votes there.

    Captain America aka Bas out for a smoke