Thursday, December 22, 2011

Buffoon of the Year 2011 - The Semis! WHO YA GOT?

Wow! Brooklyn GOP Radio fans cast 185 votes in the Quarterfinals of our 2011 installment of Buffoon of the Year! In ONE WEEK! Thank you to everyone who voted - you made some interesting selections. Let's recap and unveil the Semi-Finals!

No. 1 Barack Obama (52%) Edges Out No. 8 Eric Holder (48%): The Attorney General is rightly taking the heat from Congress for the death of a border patrol officer in the unfolding "Fast & Furious" scandal and cover-up. But ultimately, the buck stops with Barack. Fast & Furious, Solyndra, unemployment, the economy, trashing allies on hot mics, poorly timed golf outings, voids in leadership... the list goes on and on and on and on and...

No. 5 OWS (57%) Upsets No. 4 Carl Kruger (43%): This was a bit of shocker to me and others, especially in light of the recent resignation / plea / sobbing in open Court by the Disgraced Democrat who formerly represented the 27th Senate District. Kruger's slow agonizing demise was an open wound all year, but perhaps the nationwide disruption and inanity of Occupy Wall St. hit home with listeners outside of Brooklyn. The Occupiers are crude, rude and socially unacceptable cretins who want.... well, we don't know exactly. Brooklyn GOP Radio listeners have spoken!

No. 3 Anthony Weiner (73%) Trounces No. 6 David Weprin (27%): This was a no-brainer. While "the 'Stache!" snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by running the worst campaign in the history of campaigns, Weiner became a national punchline. Just put "anthony weiner jokes" into Google and enjoy the 1.2 MILLION results! However, their combined buffoonery did result in the election of Congressman Bob Turner - the first Republican in the Congress from the area since the 1920s, so I ain't so mad at 'cha, guys.

No. 2 William Boyland (52%) Squeaks By No. 7 John Liu (48%): Not shocked by the results, but that was close! Especially considering Boyland was put on trial for bribery, got off, and then got busted soliciting bribes from undercover FBI agents to pay his legal fees resulting from his bribery trial! But, our listeners are shrewd politicos, and they know that John Liu, our supposed fiscal watchdog in NYC, is on the cusp of a budding campaign finance scandal of his own, which may cut into his mayoral aspirations. But in the end, Boyland moves on.

So there you have it, let's set up the semis!

No. 1 Barack Obama vs. No. 5 OWS

No. 2 William Boyland vs. No. 3 Anthony Weiner



  1. Got to go with OWS even Barack Obama is no match for this mass grouping of nonsense.

  2. eh. Knowing this shows' aversion to Democrats and it's crackstaff's views, the elections will probably be rigged in favor of the Democrat- Obama. look at the show's history- he practically won the title 'buffoon' every week.

  3. I gotta go listen back... I wonder if that's true. I mean, yeah... Barack Obama is like "buffoon emeritus" around here, but I could've sworn David Weprin was a buffoon a lot, as was Weiner, OWS and Kruger. I'll say this though - nothing is rigged. If it was, It would be Holder v. Kruger right now - because that's who I voted for. Still can't believe Kruger lost! That was my pick to win the whole thing!

  4. Same here. I picked Holder and Kruger as well. Kind of shocked they got a pass.

  5. lol. i don't blame you. but i believe that when pitting an individual who holds far more responsibility & power- ie the presidency- against one with a rather dwarfed position- ie- senate- to err is human, but kindly recall your job title while opting to err. a senate sex/ finance scandal has far less remunerations than a president who insults the leader of an ally on air and denotes that same nations border. not to mention the fact that the troops he promised would return long ago are only beginning to
    straggle in. ;p so, yes, President Obama has my vote as buffoon.

  6. Captain America Good Day To All

    You guys are the best even you Tamara. Round up for today. Rep. King is joining the fight for Thomas Minogue the medic who in Vietnam 45 years ago was a true hero and a brave soul for he was a medic one of the hardest jobs in the military.

    A little on Iowa, will leave the horses out for they are drained. Mitt, Rick (Maybe God got the wrong Rick)(JUST JOKING BATMAN)followed by Paul, Newt, Perry and the beauty have sort of stopped and will wait for South Carolina.

    Remember guys Iowa is The Snow White State and as White as White gets.

    Beside the MORON O we have Paul who swears to God )Another reason God does not like him)that the CIA did the World Trade. Can you imagine what Oscar would think of him. WOW Batman hard to believe you guys let MORONS in The Republican Party.

    Sad note Yarkoni a great singer will be missed.

    Stanley Crouch great article in the News, he is correct on all of them except Perry, will have to write this idiot a personal letter. I HATE THE NEWS BATMAN!!!

    Another sad note John Capano. I salute him another American Hero and I know he went straight to heaven. Did not even stop at the gate when his soul was going to heaven.

    Another sad note Barbara Lea dead at 82 another great singer. See you in heaven Barbara.

    The New York Times all the candidates are talking and have articles except Perry Batman. What's up Perry's Sleeve?

    On the O Family Show show staring the O's, Bo and of course Oscar. Bo and Oscar on the front lawn talking to a homeless man named Melvin who is a Vet and is standing behind the gate looking at the White House. Melvin to Bo and Oscar. To think I fought for this country and they don't even think about The Vets the way they should. Bo and Oscar walking away with tears in their eyes.

    Captain America aka Bas, aka The Riddler time for a smoke