Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's That Time Again.... 2011 BUFFOON OF THE YEAR!

With the year coming to a close, it's time to crown the 2011 Brooklyn GOP Radio Buffoon of the Year!

This year, we're doing things a little bit differently. Instead of a one-time, one-vote free for all, we're doing it "Final Four" style! No descriptions necessary, these are all well-known buffoons - time to battle it out! Here are the seedings for the quarterfinals!

No 1 President Barack Obama v. No. 8 Attorney General Eric Holder

No. 4 State Sen. Carl Kruger v. No. 5 Occupy Wall Street

No. 3 Anthony Weiner v. No. 6 David Weprin

No. 2 State Assemblyman William Boyland v. NYC Comptroller John Liu

Polls are open for 7 days! Then we unveil the Semifinals! WHO YA GOT! Tell your friends to vote now!


  1. Hello Crew
    Weiner Vs Weprin - I would vote for all of them but you all have rules....Captain America has NO RULES when he fights MORONS

  2. Holy Toledo Batman they are all idiots.
    Get the Bat car maybe we could get some more of them taking bribes, having fun on the computer on tax payers time... Using family members....WOW it is like A MAD COMIC book. Thank GOD we have Captain America on our side since World War II

  3. Batman I thought you told me The Joker was behind bars. You have so many Jokers listed here. We need to round up these Idiots.... Thank GOD Perry is coming to save the day
    ITS A LOCK GUYS.....

  4. GOD told me to tell you all, if Perry does not become President...GOD will not go to DISNEY WORLD IN NOVEMBER....

  5. LOL I'm assuming that Anonymous=Nick, right? :-)

  6. That's it no more joking!
    I can be serious when I want to be
    But seeing these people as people that represent the people gets me sick to my stomach, and I mean really sick!!!!!!!
    We need to step up our game and get the message out to the people about The Republican Party. Russ, Gene, Craig, Tommy thanks you guys do a hell of a job and Merry Christmas if I don't see you all. Captain America

  7. Gene
    Your show is now being heard in many countries as well as heaven.. you are becoming American Heroes you and Batman....To think two little Kids from Brooklyn....CHANGING THE WORLD in their own way!
    We need a name for you my friend....
    I GOT IT

  8. politics will be politics will be politics........alas, you will have to traverse the world several times over to find a human with political power who carries neither 1- financial scandals 2-sexual scandals 3- family scandals 4- limited intelligence 5- a personal agenda 6- a social gaffe 7- a character flaw 8- promises unfullfilled 9- a tendency to abuse power.
    thus: good luck with your polls, but both repubs and demos and whigs and tories and everyother party has someone whocarries the title BUFFOON.

  9. although i will be the first to admit that it can be statistically proven that the ratio of democratic scandals to republican scandals is slightly higher.........

  10. Hello
    Politics is fun... I am starting to enjoy this a lot. When a person runs for office and is elected. That person should be held responsible for their promises to the people. If for reasons they can not keep their promise. They should address the people to why. The people will understand if they have any common sense. Any one that steals, fools around with the opposite sex and is married. Shows me they have no honor. If they are doing favors for people that have giving them monies for their campaign. There is nothing wrong with this as long as they do favors for all the people's.
    Everyone has flaws. They should address these flaws to show the people that they are human and do have certain hang ups. Most Republicans do not like to bad mouth another Republican. This is good. You have to show that you are all united and trying to make a change for all the peoples. How do you know who to pick? Common Sense. I can talk about all of them..... The 5 on the top. Newt sounds good, but has to much negative things from the past. He loves women, we all do as men. In office you have to learn to control the little man. I don't think he can, his temper swings is another thing. He actually believes the Communists are still a threat. He is totally lost my friends. Again this is common sense. Now Mitt. All about business, he is not for the little folk. He has changed his name. This reflects he is looking for a good guy character to sell to the people. Most business men have three sets of books Do you really want a person like this. Ron Paul in my opinion is totally lost and living in some sort of bubble. Nice guy but very confused. Just what we need a confused President to lead us. Now for the BEST Rick Perry. An honest man. A Church going man. A God fearing man. A man with values who is honorable and will work for all of the people. Rich and poor. A man who admits he is human and has flaws. A Boy Scout, a veteran, a man that has pride. His wife is a nurse and since she was young wanted to help people. WHAT A PAIR...LETS GO RICK and ANITA. Now Michelle, I like her too. If I was Perry I would choose her. She has a lot of the same values as Rick and Anita. WOW three people working for all of the people. Again it is Ricks choice, FREE WILL. Well I am getting tired and have to go. Captain American signing out and GOD BLESS AMERICA

  11. Hello Young Republicans of Brooklyn, New York.

    At this time I would like to thank you all for the nice thoughts sent by Captain America to me and the Mrs.

  12. What! No female buffoons? What about Pelosi and Wasserman? The two of them are right up there next to Obama. Of course he is their Savior,so why wouldn't they be?
    Newt having an eye for the women would not stop my vote. Did we all forget that Clinton did all his philandering WHILE he was the President. Oh my if that Oval Office could speak the tales it would tell.

  13. Hello Purplewings

    Fine choices for female buffoons there are others but who cares. Purple why would you want someone in office who has sex on the mind a lot of times. Imagine cancelling an important vote that concerns all the people because of sex. It's your choice as an America citizen do you want sex in politics or do you want it to run in away that all Americans are proud. Purple you gave me the answer when you said an eye for the women.Women are not tools or dolls that man use when they get bored or have that moment of lust which most men have everyday at least 5 or 6 times. The answer purple is you have to either work for the people or open a porn shop and I think Newt should do the later. Free Will sometimes can be hard, especially when it comes to women. Well have to go to a Comic Book convention.

  14. Hi Purplewings! thanks for stopping by!

    Believe me, it was a competitive field this year. Last year, we included many women, including Ms. Pelosi. In fact, 2 out of the top 3 Buffoons last year were women! It just so happened that this year, the biggest buffoons were guys.

  15. Anonymous Nick aka Captain America.

    Great party guys on Remsen Street: Newt would have had a great time with all The Beautiful Women there. Now Iowa is a dead heat. The top Three Paul, Newt and Mitt are head to head, beating each other to death. Mean while Rick is on the rail going to the outside. He is making his move (About Time Rick)Next two (2) weeks should see a lot of Perry ads.. Imagine Newt being able to do away with Judges and complete courts. The Commies are a big threat to Newt, yeah right Newt..Do me a favor go into the toilet and read Playboy. Paul well I like him, but he wants to do away with so many things, he confuses me....Stay in Texas and worry about what ever it is you worry about there. Now Mitt I thinks he is going to change his name again... and he bets a lot, who needs a President that is going to bet on all of our futures. Well I know one thing the people of Iowa are God fearing and will do the right thing...Take care my friends The Voice and Batman. Oh Batman New Comic out by John Byrne. Batman & Captain America Team-up in this DC Comic. Sort of what we did last night with that drunk, who by the way was a little Demon, wait until the bigger demons come, then we will have some real fun and kick buns
    Take care guys your friend
    Nick aka Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, etc, etc, etc

  16. Anonymous Nick aka Captain America.

    I love this site: Newt berates Gay's hmmm
    I got it he is bi-sexual and trying to lose the thought what he did with another man..Switching all the time. Wow Batman we should get an outfit for him, let's see "I got it" G--Man.....

    Paul wants no troops overseas:::Mean while the Terrorists have bases in Mexico, Central & South America.. Wow Batman, no troops overseas, he does not say Mexico, Central & South America, they are not overseas, Captain America & Batman and even the voice could come, will go by TANK. You can drive Batman..The Voice could broadcast our victories as we go...Wake up Paul they are knocking at our door..Maybe they will be in New Mexico, Arizona or Texas The End of Next year..

    Mitt is betting on Newt blowing is cool. He would be a great president, betting on everything, even our military..WOW Batman just think NO MILITARY.


    BATMAN we need to clean house!!!!!

    Captain America & Batman might have to go to Hungary soon, DEMOCRACY is fall apart there...WOW hear we go again with Europe. Batman fuel up The Bat Jet we might have to fly there soon.

    Captain America is tired!!!Tell Vinnie to bring back Captain America that will be The Young Republicans Mascot.. We should get patches!!!!!

    Bye Captain America

  17. @ "Captain America"
    speaking of flaws.....you've got over 35 grammatical errors in your posts.
    As per Mitt, kindly refer to him by his real name, ie, Willard. Any man who conforms to public opinion and changes his name- may lack the courage to make decisions which benefit the people but for which he would be criticized. As per Perry.....you seriously want a man that has short term memory shorter than a goldfishes' up there? with all those executive decisions to make? Oops....I forgot which country we sent our troops too...Oops, I forgot which bill I just signed.....As per Newt: Every man has desires, granted. But a man willing to carry out a series of not-to-secret affairs and divorce a terminally ill wife, would he have the gumption to make decisions while curbing his desires and maintaining a code of ethics if he doesn't have one to begin with? to keep his hands off interns and avoid turning America into an embarrassment? As per Ron Paul: We live in a world where foreign relations is essential to any diplomat.....you cannot be an authority over a leading nation without communicating and getting involved with the countries around you. Hence, my aversion to voting at all in the upcoming 2012 election.........they are all buffoons. Even more so than the democrats.
    As per female candidates- try for Sarah Palin, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton.....the woman practically insulted Israel again by managing to insult Israel' Orthodox population and Russia's Putin in one month. Great job. As per Gene and crew; great show, don't know if anyone ever suggested it, but maybe you ought to think about electing two buffoons per year/week.

  18. reagan. ;p
    quite honestly though, i am open to hearing other views....my mind was not quite made up, so if you can sway my opinion towards a certain candidate, please do. i may yet vote for him/her. :=D

  19. Anonymous Nick aka Captain America.

    I should have ten errors or more here Tamara (WOW you must be an English Teacher, I'm impressed.. Just joking, I'm not really impressed Tamara with any of your writings for you made around 120 errors.

    I thank you for your comment considering I hardly went to school. I don't know a noun from a pronoun and can care less because I joined the service and never had a chance to go to school. I was off killing in my own Army of 2 during the Vietnam War Which you more than likely would have been protesting like the other idiots did back in the 1960's or trying to avoid. (If you were in the military forgive me, for I am wrong a lot but not to often)

    I can see by your remarks you are a college graduate and more than likely in your home everything is in order and neat.

    Do you see everything in Black or White?

    Do you Think Things out?

    Do you have Common Sense?

    Why would you count my errors? GET REAL!

    It shows me you have a serious problem!!!

    With the world in general.

    You see flaws in everything because you more than likely think you are perfect.

    Your complain about this and about that.

    Join the service like Rick did and you will understand what this campaign is really about.

    Nothing really makes you happy.

    Think about John McCain and the years he spent as a POW. What would you say to this. He should never had been a pilot and because he limps a little he would make bad calls

    Batman where do we get these people from.

    Tamara you want to take an IQ test with me. You name the place I will be there. All of your schooling made you smart in certain areas but not to smart in other areas. Tamara I don't mean to come on strong here, but does it really matter how many errors I made or is it that you have to come out as the smart one here.

    WOW Batman I need a name for this girl.

    Tamara God once asked a poet to write a poem. The poem had to be 800 pages. The poet said sure he would do it for God asked for this poem. God told him to use one word on the 800 hundred pages. Tamara what was the word. If you answer this correct. I will buy you a steak at Peter Lugers and we could laugh about all of this......................BYE PS - I am sorry and you are smarter than me.

  20. 1- i did not count your grammatical errors, that was a joke. perhaps in poor taste, yet, meant in a humorous fashion.

    2- I served in the IDF in a combat unit. I lost my grandfather in the '67 war.and an uncle in '73. I watched men die, but the difference is thus: all under 25, at the pinnacle of youth and life, all risking life and limb to protect family and land. american teens at my age? yeah, the biggest problem they had was getting into a bar and hooking up. you speak of patriotism with such zealotry....yet your nations youth don't even bother voting....have you ever shed tears over a dead comrade? i spent a month in a psychiatric center because i watched my sergeant as his legs were blown under him in Lebanon...and kindly refrain from lumping me together with those well meaning but foolish college students. i am far from.

    3- i never attended college, simply because i could not afford it. my IDF connection paid for a semester at bar ilan university, but i walked out halfway. couldn't stand the banal discussions in which my fellow students bashed the very army which protected them. and the easy going collegiate social scene made me uncomfortable. so do not label me a college student. i am self taught, you claim that you never attended college, or school? then stop whining, and act like the soldier you claim you are. a soldier wouldn't whine, a soldier would take a dictionary in his pocket and buy copies of the wall street journal and times and educate himself, like i did.don't use lack of funding as an excuse. a good dictionary is a lot cheaper than college tuition.

    4- i am no English teacher. never was, never will be.

    5- batman and comics in general are the very material which turn americas youths brains into mush. apologies for decrying your hero, but don't you think GI joe would make a better role model than a fictitious comic hero who convinces children that they can fly?

    6- i am far from perfect. were i perfect, my fellow soldiers who died would still be alive today. perfect people do not flee to a different country to avoid demons of the past. perfect people do not spend time in psychiatric units at age 21. perfect people can afford and stand college educations.

    7- hence, my final point- no one is perfect. Israeli politics has so many problems...corruption, scandals, lack of unity- but that's it- at least our prime minister can give a speech (without a teleprompter) that ends with a standing ovation from both houses in congress. that he wrote- not a speechwriter. man isn't perfect, but he needs to be respectable, willing to make the right choices for his government and country. of all the candidates for presidency, do you really believe that they are reputable figures? who would risk life and limb for the people? correct me if I'm wrong- but don't the american people want to feel safe and secure with whomever is both commander in chief, executive and ceremonial figure representing then to the world?

    8- 120 errors? yeah....not quite. its the economy that's inflated, not my grammar

    post script: to those whom created this blog, i apologize for turning it into a debate/ biography/ - this wasn't meant to happen, it just did.Sorry. i just felt the need to clarify some things.

  21. and PLEASE do not view this as a fight. I stopped fighting a long time ago.

  22. Anonymous Nick aka Captain America.

    Tamara what fight after reviewing your writing and your feelings, I love you as a friend. Noting like opening up Tamara. Please do not say you are sorry for being you. “I AM PROUD OF YOU AND WHAT YOU DID FOR YOUR COUNTRY”. I am sort of pissed off the way our President threats your country. Tamara Captain America and Batman are just characters, I use for a little humor. I whine to make a point or just to whine. Everything I do and say verbally and word wise writing is 50% calculated to see a response or expression when a live debate or argument. I love to argue. I really don’t care if I win or lose these arguments. I could have gone to school but found school boring, newspapers, politics and sports bore me also. As for my military time, well my tattoos tell a story about that, but it is a comic book to me for that is how it reads. Tamara welcome to the club.

  23. Tamara- no apologies needed. Feel free to comment/debate/argue. We don't care as long as you keep coming back!

    And as for Nick/Batman/Captain America- I can vouch for him. He is a good man with a good heart whom I consider a friend.

  24. Anonymous Nick aka Captain America.

    Merry Christmas to all: Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish and Buddha Brothers and Sisters, and all other beliefs for there are many.

    Thanks Russ I appreciate your comments and you are a good friend to me also. I also like to say Hello to my other good friends, The Voice, Tommy, Vinnie, Craig and to all the others at The Young Republicans Club.

    I have been absent a few times for I am involved with so many different things and with writing letters all over the place this keeps me pretty busy. Sometimes you have to beat up the little demons in order to get to the bigger ones. Oh well that's life.

    Well on to you guys and your favorite topic Politics:

    Bronx Senator Jeff Klein another seat to watch, the Republicans could take this one next time I pray.

    Seabrook is going to The Red Plains of Illusion (God's term for Hell)

    Newt and Rick not on ballot in Virginia.
    Rick needs a miracle here. I will say a few prays here, they always work......
    So far just Mitt and Ron are on the ballots, the rest of the pack did not even bother.
    Boy Rick could use The Young Republicans in Virgina. It's your choice guys it is called FREE WILL. DO WE TRAVEL (LOL)
    Batman: Virgina has weird RULES!!!! Could this be a State that counts the dead?

    On a brighter side The Giants kicked Bums. What a MORON I AM. I like both teams.

    Oh: This Dean Skelos - Nassau (R) does he have brains or am I missing something.

    Is anybody working on the Martin Luther King and Charles Curtis Angle....?

    Well Batman: I have to write a few letters today, maybe I will write Obama and tell him to drop out and to stop wasting money on re-election and feed the homeless.

    Oh maybe I will continue my never ending battle with the Pope on selling the junk in the basement to feed the world. WOW you have to see all of this junk. What would Jesus do with this Junk, sell it and feed the world. Well they try hard with all of the charities, but not hard enough. Why are they scared This Holy Roman Empire, well if the Pope don't listen, this empire will be gone in a little while.

    Well the Year 2012 is special to God..

    A lot of stuff is going happen.

    Bye everyone Captain America AKA Nick, AKA Sgt Rock, AKA Casper The Ghost, AKA The Grim Reaper, AKA The Angel of Love. Well I could go on for along time here, but it's time for a smoke..

  25. happy holidays to you too.......i bought you a holiday gift. use it in good health, though you must show at the next meeting to receive it. :-D

  26. Anonymous Nick aka Captain America.

    Tamara, tell your husband or boyfriend, they hit the lotto when they met you!

    No Batman, I am not hitting on her(LOL)or, am I?

    Just joking Tamara.

    Tamara a gift for me, you do understand, mentally I am 7 or 8, so please something childish, maybe a small pizza at The Aurora Café.

    Sad what happened to Pvt Chen Batman.

    Now a lot of Chinese are saying Liu is being set up by the Feds, what is this going to be another Al soap Opera but in Chinese. Imagine Liu in jail serving the prisoners, I can’t wait to see this. Another Dem bites the dust. I love Queen.

    Will continue (Next)

  27. Continued from previous

    Well let’s get on with this very important race. This calling of the Republican Crown is being broadcast by the Riddler.
    Newt is blowing himself up and has dropped to 3rd position. Mitt is in 2nd and Paul is smelling Mitt’s butt. Here comes Perry on Jet-Burst, he starting to move to the outside. It’s going to be close Tamara.

    Now Newt with this judge and court thing, this guy Newt belongs in a nursing home. Someone should watch him 24/7, it’s hard for me to believe this guy was ever elected to anything.
    Paul is not a racist, yeah right and Starbucks sells sneakers, nothing like a nice cracker and jelly snack Batman.

    Mitt is going to change his name for the 2016 election to Wolfgang, he thinks maybe he could pull in more Germans, Austrian and Jewish voters. Newt is thinking also about becoming Jewish in the 2016 Election.

    WOW Batman, did you hear what happened with Obama, he is in the Oval Office watching cartoons and reading Mad comics. His daughter comes in and tells him, daddy what about Israel, Obama looks up and tells her, does he work in the kitchen. No daddy The Country Israel, Obama tells her what country?
    Daddy that’s why in The Jewish Herald you have dropped in ratings from 78% to 54% with Jewish voters, you mean I forgot about them for the last three’s years, I can’t believe none of my cabinet told me about this. What do I do now kid?
    I know I’ll send them some of the money I got from Corzine, maybe they will help me my cabinet understand this Israel thing a little better.
    Daddy stop with the comics and cartoons, Corzine might go to Jail.
    No your, kidding right kid.
    Dad I got to go to school and please dad all the kids in school say you are dump, dad please talk to your cabinet and let them know you are a little confused about what we just talked about.
    I will, I promise you I will honey. Bo come, have a biscuit. Bo what should I do about Israel?
    Bo, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff (You should try and communicate and or call them) Great Idea Bo, nothing like a good dog, have another biscuit.

    Batman nice article in the Post by Bill White on Vets!

    Batman my agent called me and asked me about my new book.

    I told her it’s going to be a non-fiction and sitcom all rolled into one and it is based on Newt, Mitt and Paul. She said what kind of show would that be and who would watch a bunch of politicians?

    I tell her you heard of the 3 stooges well this is the 3 idiots it will sell and I have 3 sponsors already signed. I tell her Meg this is living proof any moron can run for office.

    I think Meg we could get them cheap after they lose to star in person.

    As for The Greek Newspaper, they are only interested in Greece.

    Polish papers the same and more stories about the Pope.

    Italy newspapers worried about Italy, soccer and how to make love.(ME TOO)

    Hungarian papers are worried about losing their Democracy. Obama was asked he said he was hungry and it is a good idea to get some lunch.

    Bo said ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff (Hungary is a country in Europe)
    Obama it is, thank God I have you with me Bo.
    Ruff, ruff, ruff (Can I get a biscuit please)

    Batman here it is THE WHITE HOUSE is being run by Bo. I feel sorry for this dog, what a way to live.

    On a brighter note: The weather in The United States has really been crazy this year. I just talked to God via my telephone. God is on Mt Sinai and tells me to tell you all.
    Wait until next year, it’s going to get worst and worst. A lot of people on the net think it is end time.
    Never happen Batman, every day I fight with God about this, God asks me have I created more evil than good and should I blink them all away. I argue with God, more good for I think of the little children at the Heart Share program on Bay 19 & Bath Avenue

    Well it's time for a smoke

    Captain America, AKA the Riddler, AKA Bas out of the house.

  28. Anonymous Nick aka Captain America.

    Where is everybody?
    I know I am retired. You all think I have little to do but to do this, well I have so many things I do.
    I have a, things to do list (LOL)
    Boy it is great to be retired, everyday is Friday. Sorry guys, one day you will say this.
    What’s new in the world, well Brooklyn Dem. Towns with his car, another one we have to get rid of!!
    The woman who sent hateful packages to Peter King and Greg Ball, God took care of her in God’s way.
    CNN keeps pounding Newt! wow divorced his first wife because she was too ugly to be 1st lady. This guy is a loser. I know as a Republican I am not suppose to, talk bad about other Republicans.
    I am Anonymous!
    U.S. along with The Captain America Team (CIA) to hunt the thugs in Nigeria who blew up the Church!

    U.S to let Ali from Yemen, come here for treatment. Another way we do them in!
    He will be dead soon, he is a thug and has killed hundreds! God does not forget my friends ANYTHING!
    Syria is going nuts! Bashar is another thug and soon he will meet his maker.
    Israel bashing Turkey about the Armenian genocide, wow God does not forget nothing my friends!
    Nothing against the Turkish people, God loves them. They that pray for good have nothing to fear.
    Now it is on to The Republican Crown. Ron is in 1st, Mitt is a close 2nd, Newt is giving up and you can see the jockey knows it. Here comes team Perry in 4th, almost head to head with Michele who is 5th and Santorum who is in 6th. Team Perry and Michele playing God’s people. God is happy about this guy’s. The people in the Hawkeye State are God fearing people. They know evil when they see it!

    It’s time for The Obama show staring President Obama, his daughter and of cause Bo.
    Daddy what are you doing about the Payroll tax?
    What do you mean honey?
    If you stop watching those cartoons, you would understand about math, forget it dad I guess you are lost on this also, bye I have to go to school.
    Bo come here, have a biscuit. What should I do, what does she mean. Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff (You don’t listen to what I tell you, do whatever you want, can I have another biscuit please) Sure Bo.
    Daddy before I leave, you know I love you, I know princess. Daddy what about Human Rights? What’s that princess, forget about it dad, will talk tomorrow.
    Bo what is she talking about Human Rights. Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff (Look, you have to talk about the various things that effect people worldwide, I have told you this several times, you don’t listen) ok Bo I will try, have another biscuit. (Bo talking to the squirrel who lives on the lawn who is named Oscar)
    Oscar this guy is a complete MORON. I know Bo, but he gives you biscuits. Bo to Oscar “thank God” for that!

    On a brighter side: A protester in India is in The Clouds front cover protesting the corruption in India.
    Guess where this protester is going when he dies. That’s right Heaven.

    Later that afternoon in the Oval Office after watching around 20 cartoon shows! The presidents, daughter comes home from school. Daddy we were talking today about the Labor Department today in school.
    Oh that’s nice princess, I was there when your mother gave birth.
    Dad I have to go, maybe we can talk about something you understand tomorrow.
    Bo come to Daddy, have a biscuit. Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff,(Bo talking to himself) no sense in me trying to explain to him about all of the people in this country who work 90 hours a week and make $4.00 an hour, they are slaves here and The Labor Department can care less. Oh well I am a dog and a pretty smart one at that. Just keep giving me those biscuits and of course I will do the best I can America. \

    Time for a smoke Captain America, AKA Bas, AKA the Riddler. Bye my friends

  29. Anonymous Nick aka Captain America.

    Late breaking news on The Republican Crown with the Riddler here.

    Michelle started to move into 4th Place, but Perry by mistake on Jet Burst started trying to move to the outside and hit Michelle's horse with his hand.

    Later Rick said I forgot I was in a race.

    A Real Man willing to admit he forgets.

    I think this is it for Michelle.

    I really like Michelle a lot, she is God's Type of Woman.

    Well its time for a smoke,

    Captain America, AKA Bas, Aka The Riddler

  30. Anonymous Nick aka Captain America.

    With this The First Leg of the Republican Crown: Your announcer is The Riddler!
    Ron and Paul are neck and neck 1st and 2nd.
    Ron’s horse Cracker is starting to show some weakness.
    Mitt on Change Again still appears to be strong.
    Newt is so tired his horse Sexual Desire is dragging and should fall out soon.
    Perry is moving closer on the outside and is in 4th on Jet Burst and with the 4 mil in training cost should move him closer to 2nd.
    Michelle is so tired on Made Up and is fading fast.
    On the outside here comes Rick on Sensible.
    This race is really turning into a real doggie race.
    Speaking about Dogs, Bo talking to Oscar before Obama left for Hawaii.
    (Bo) You would not believe what happened, Oscar!
    O is watching his favorite show Sponge Bob. One of the girls walks in and trips on his toy airplane and almost falls on Wally. (Oscar) Who is Wally?
    (Bo) A jackass The Republicans sent him last week.
    (Oscar) Wow a real Jackass is he. You know Bo my family has lived here for many years and my Grandfather told me a story about Andrew Jackson who was labeled a jackass back in 1828.
    (Bo) Your kidding right Oscar (Oscar) I guess my Grandfather was right back then Bo, almost all of the Democrats are Jackasses!
    (Bo with his paws over his ears) Another year with this Jackass, I don’t think I can deal with this
    (Bo Dreaming) At least the biscuits are good, and making decisions is one of my strong points.

    News from Hawaii: Just in The President of The United States was giving a box of Dole Pineapples from Ex-Senator Bob Dole with a note that read: Enjoy the Pineapples Mr. President for you are one of The Biggest Pineapples This Country has ever seen.
    O talking to his wife: WOW a whole box. I know I will send them to my friends, Rev. Al, Weiner, Holder, Kruger, Weprin, Boyland, Liu, Clinton, Rangel, Jefferson, Traficant, Hubbell, Cisneros, Blackley, Babbitt, Livingstone, Berger and order some for more The Wall Street Crowd and while you are doing that give some to all The Democratic Senators and Congressmen and put a little note from me.
    To all The Pineapples (Sorry change that to my fellow Democrats) Enjoy this small token from Hawaii Barrack Obama Pineapple in Charge (Sorry change that 2nd in command) Mrs. O, Honey you are 1st, O to Mrs. O, when we get home I have something to tell you.

    Captain America, AKA Bas, Aka The Riddler

  31. I love this Blog.

    Who is this Captain America?
    Who ever it is they make me laugh, every time I read something here. You guys should make this into a regular show, you probably could make money for the party.
    The religious humor is cute also, reminds me of a book I just finished reading the other day. Moments with Angels. I had under lined some of the passages. I quote So what are angels? We know, according to the Bible, that they are not created beings, dignified, majestic, and intelligent. They are personal beings who always represent God but are not omnipresent, which God is. Little is said of their appearance, but they can take on the physical form of a person and sometimes are mistaken for another human being. The word "angel" means messenger. They are seen as protectors, messengers ordered by God to minister in a myriad of ways in the Bible. When I read these words there are so many messengers here. Is it possible The Republican Party has been doing a lot of praying and that God sent you all one of these messengers.
    A.H. Rockland County

  32. Great site.
    Me and the wife would love to visit you guys. We live in Florida and after reading your site we both agree that Perry is the right choice.
    Captain America is a Vet. During WW 2 we had a guy who use to run around yelling he was Captain America and my brother who was in The Korea War told me the same thing. Makes you think is Captain America with us in every war?
    We will visit again.
    Roger and Pearl Naples, FL

  33. sorry, 'batman', I'm married. to a soldier, no less, who enjoys punching in the faces of guys that hit on married women. ;p
    but did you get the gift? i sent it with someone to the meeting.
    instead of spending half your lifetime sleeping and eating , the other half posting idiotic- although hysterical- political updates on this blog, you can now spend a quarter eating, a quarter sleeping, a quarter educating the 'alleged 7-8 year old mental mind' that you possess, and the other quarter tossing around funky phrases that you learnt from using my present :-D
    enjoy it! have a great new year!

  34. Anonymous Nick aka Captain America.

    The morons in Iran, do you think Captain America will let them get away with this. Yeah right, bombs away.

    One idiot dies another steps up, North Korea is going to get stronger now with the help of China, wow another job for Captain America. Will have to watch this very close. Maybe I will tell Bo what to do.

    Batman, nice article in The Wall Street Journal: The prison commander at Guantanamo Bay issued new rules allowing prison staff to examine mail between military commission defendants and their lawyers.
    Captain America’s team has been doing this all along Batman, just to let you know my friend.

    Batman sometimes The Captain America team makes mistakes like in Yemen with the Airstrike, killing people that are friendly to our cause. If I was there I would have read thru this. One of the, many reason we have to get rid of The Yemen President he is NO good.

    WOW, think of this Venezuela’s Chavez, Rouseeff of Brazil, Argentine’s Kirchner, Lugo of Paraguay (nice place I was there in the 1960’s working) all have cancer. Castro knows what America’s has and blames them for all of these cancers. I always loved Castro, smart as hell, the only thing he was not on Captain America’s team, and will more than likely die a quite death.
    On to Local News this Quinn, Arroyo and Seabrook we have to get rid of them. Martinez and Monserrate are already gone. Thank God.

    Now it is time for the first leg of The Republican Crown:
    Mitt is in first on Change Again and is really whipping the hell out of his horse.
    Paul is a cracker, I mean he is on Cracker and in 2nd and fading for the jig is up on him, unless of course there is a miracle, which I doubt.
    Rickie S. is on Sensible, WOW moving pass Newt and Perry and is in 3rd. God likes Rickie.
    Newt is in 4th and his horse, Sexual Desire is fading quickly, no chance. God can’t stand him.
    Perry on Jet-Burst holding to the outside and should be in the top three, unless of course God has other plans for him, we will see.
    Michelle on Made Up is losing steam and in 6th, her own trainer did her in. Sad how politics works, oh well God loves her and we will see what is in store for this beauty.

    Guys get The Martin Luther King, Abe Lincoln and Charles Curtiss posters printed.

    O in Hawaii, one of the kids walks in.
    Dad we are going strong in Iowa: O thinking (Bo told me something last week about this, why can’t I remember anything, better answer this quick my favorite cartoon is coming on any minute, I know I’ll just yes her to death) I know honey. Thanks.
    O’s daughter thinking, he actually didn’t give me a stupid answer. It has to be this fresh air.

    Mean while back on the lawn: Bo talking to Oscar, I love when they are away I get to rest a little Oscar.
    You would never believe some of the things I am asked.
    “Oscar to Bo: Like what if I may ask”?
    He asked me what do Jackasses eat and I told him well you are one, what do you like.
    He told me, Bo you are so smart and you always give me the right answers.
    The best one was when he was watching Sponge Bob, he asked me was their water near Hawaii, I told him yes. He told me thanks again Bo, I really don’t know where it is and I don’t want to look stupid in front of the kids and the Mrs.
    Oscar to Bo: Do you think he has a chance in 2012 Bo.
    Bo to Oscar: Not really and I can’t keep giving him the right answers and then he watches cartoons or reads those moron comics Mad and forgets most of what I tell him.
    Oscar to Bo: See you later (Oscar thinking) Bo has a hard job and I guess my grandfather was right, every time the Democrats are in office, the country goes to the dogs.

    Captain America, AKA Bas, Aka The Riddler

  35. Roger & Pearl - you're welcome to visit us anytime!

    Tamara - You and Nick are cracking me up!