Friday, May 4, 2012

Life of Julia: Socialist Dream vs Reality

As some of you may have seen or heard, President Obama’s re-election campaign launched a new ad, initiative, propaganda, whatever you want to call it. “The Life of Julia” is meant to show us the carefree and perfect life that a fictitious woman Julia would have if Obama’s regime accomplishes their goals, and compares that to what life would be like if Romney wins on November 6th and the Republican’s War on Women continues. The problem is (actually, there are many problems with this whole ad, but I’ll try to keep this brief), there are so many lies and incomprehensible statements that Julia’s perfect life is a complete sham.

Let’s begin at age 3, when little Julia is enrolled in Head Start. This program, started in 1964, is a program run by the US Department of Health and Human Services that provides the children of low-income families with education, health, and other social services during preschool years. Yet, the Head Start Impact Study conducted by the DHHS covering 2000-2010 showed that any positive impact during the preschool years were almost completely gone by the end of first grade for the children in the program. But, according to Obama, Romney’s suggestion of cutting 20% of funding to a failing program that cost $8.1 billion in 2011 is terrible. Really?

I’m gonna skip over the fact that Julia begins college at 18, and doesn’t graduate until 25…

Let me now cover the multiple references to Obamacare, the only accomplishment Obama can state about his administration, at least until the Supreme Court overturns it as unconstitutional. So Julia had surgery at 22 but was thankfully under her parents’ coverage still. So, we’ll just disregard the fact that someone does need to pay for that surgery and Julia’s insurance will be significantly higher when she purchases her own plan to cover the imbalance. Whatever, yay for Julia's free ride! What about when Julia has been working full-time for four years? Oh, still no worries since her insurance is required to cover birth control and preventative care. Good to  know that Julia’s only concerned about her birth control health benefits, and is so relieved that the government will pay for it. That must be the message that Obama is sending, for women to really prioritize their concerns. And then, congrats, Julia got pregnant! Little problem with Obama’s fact pattern: Julia is over 26, so she’s got to pay for the checkups, parental care and screenings since Obamacare doesn’t cover her. Well, I’m sure she’s been fiscally responsible having learned the valuable lesson of being able to support herself, oh wait….

Ah, and then the Medicare and Social Security benefits Julia will receive to make her perfect life even better. Um, just one problem, following the current course of action Medicare will be bankrupt in 12 years and Social Security will begin running in the red in 3 years. But Julia need not worry, Obama will rescue both programs through smart maneuvers like partial privatization of Social Security and raising the retirement age to reflect the longer life spans of Americans, and Medicare reform to offer options to seniors like fee-for-service Medicare and competition among plans to keep premiums low. Actually, no, those are Republican ideas which Obama is completely against. Well, I’m sure he’s got something up his sleeve since Julia is totally fine in 67 years.

Obama's 2012 campaign slogan is Forward, which we now know means moving forward to an all encompassing socialist society under the brilliant and long lasting plans of President Obama.


  1. Captain America

    Wow a new writer and a pretty one at that.

    You get him girl.

    To think The President or I should say Bo thinks every human is brain dead and does not see what our friends in the Democratic Party are doing.

    The cons they pull and out right lies they feed the American public, they should be a shame of themselves

    Just think most people that vote for the Democratic Party actually believe the Republican Party is the Party of the rich and the Democratic Party is for the poor.

    Wow Batman do they got this wrong!!!

    If most people of color only knew The Civil War in America never really ended and the Democratic Party is the party for the 4's.

    Slavery - Secession - Segregation and Socialism

    Just think The Democratic Party are using the people of color and The President against the Party that tried and almost freed them The Republican Party.

    Captain America out for a smoke

  2. But wait, aren't you a woman? Didn't you get the memo that the Republicans are at war with you?

    But seriously, great job Diana. Hope to see your posts become a regular occurrence here.

  3. Captain America


    Just keep trying to do a good job and don't let people that are negative ever bring you down.

    Russ and Gene that goes for you guys also.

    Captain America out for a smoke

  4. Rave reviews from all sides!

    That seems to me a positive note Diana

    Please more writing Diana, it seems to have an effect on many who read this, that and every blog.

    Change is a coming no matter what they all think and differ in.

  5. Joan Of Arc here with a few words

    Go Diana Go

  6. Harriet Tubman

    Thank you, I know she would say this to you

  7. Thanks for all the nice comments! I'll definitely post on here again.

  8. Captain America

    Diana, nice comments are always nice. Diana make what you know in your heart is right a daily routine and post here a thought a day.

    More women are needed like yourself, lets get them that are all good here to read what you and they have to say.

    Its time to unite The Party of Lincoln

    For victory is in sight