Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Heroes Don't Spike the Football

Another brilliant video.

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  1. Captain America

    Great Russ, another great piece by my good friend.

    It is now time for the Obama Family Fun Show.

    This show is being cancelled by this SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT.

    Somewhere in a place where the good go, the past veterans are looking at this one minute video and cry inside and they are saying to themselves.

    We know why we died, but many will never understand what this flag really meant.

    Burning the flag, giving tickets for having it displayed.

    They are all crying inside!

    What does this Flag really mean to you guys?

    Come on guys, feel Iwo Jima, feel Pearl Harbor, think of the Civil War and all the other wars.

    These laws got to be changed guys.

    How do you change them?

    Your right Russ I do take some things personal and this is one of them.

    I got tears all inside Russ for the pain is very deep inside of me, but I will never show you these tears for they are my tears and my tears alone.

    Cry Russ inside and feel what I feel and just maybe we can bring America back to what it use to be GREAT!!!!!!!

    I know than the vets upstairs will shine down on us and thanks us.

    Captain America out for a smoke and some good memories of yesterdays long gone.

    God Bless America