Monday, August 25, 2014

It's Escalating! What We Keep Finding In Southern Brooklyn Is Astounding

Found on the wall of the ramp to the rooftop parking of Stop N Shop in Sheepshead Bay
You might remember our post from earlier last month where we highlighted the surprising Anti-Obama graffiti popping up in the Sheepshead Bay section of southern Brooklyn.  Well guess what - it just keeps on comin'. And it's getting nastier.  And others are responding.

The rhetoric is ratcheting up - this was found on Avenue Z near Sheepshead Bay Rd. 

In the wake of the tragedy in Ferguson, MO and racial tensions here at home, strong statements like this have popped up On Sheepshead Bay Rd. near Shore Parkway...

... the tension is palpable.

Other messages touch on the crisis along the Mexican border.  

And it appears that there are others responding with an opposite message, like this "Stop US Aid to Apartheid Israel" scribble that yet another person attempted to cover up. 

And amidst the anti-Obama messages, a seemingly-Progressive tree-hugger message that would make former Mayor Michael Bloomberg proud!

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