Thursday, May 30, 2013

Anthony Testaverde Running For City Council!

(I"m proud and honored to be the first to bring everyone this news - Anthony is more than a friend, he's practically family!)  

Anthony Testaverde, the Republican District Leader from the 41st Assembly District, announced his candidacy for City Council for the 46th Council District.  

The district, currently represented by term-limited Councilman Lew Fidler, includes Gerritsen Beach, Marine Park, Mill Basin, Kensington, Flatlands and Canarsie.  

Testaverde is no stranger to the area.  “I’m proud to have served the people in this district over the past decade,” said Testaverde, a veteran who currently works for the NY State Senate.  “I know them, and they know me.  I excited to step up for the opportunity to continue serving them in the halls of city government.”

Brooklyn Republican Chairman Craig Eaton couldn’t be happier that Testaverde is running for City Council.  “Anthony Testaverde is a dedicated and loyal Republican leader who deserves this opportunity,” said Chairman Eaton.  “He is also a great friend that many in the district already know and respect for his honesty, integrity and effectiveness.  He would make a fantastic representative in the City Council for southern Brooklyn.”

Testaverde promises that his campaign is ready to hit the ground running.  “My team is ready to hit the streets.  This is the start of something good.”  

(Indeed, it is!)

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  1. Good Luck Anthony and try to think very positive when you get to the City Council and if you have Craig Eaton's backing I know your a good man