Saturday, July 24, 2010

Welcome to Brooklyn GOP Radio's Blog!

If you're reading this, then you heard about this brand spankin' new blog for Brooklyn GOP Radio on our latest show!

First of all, thanks for listening. All of us here want this show to be "The People's Show". We try to be responsive to what you tell us you want, whether it's guests to book, questions you want answered, or simply providing an outlet for voicing your opinions. This blog is another way to talk back to us who put the show together. Feedback is so crucial - when we do something you like, tell us! When we suck, tell us!

And spread the word! Tell a friend. Tell two friends. Heck, tell all your friends! And family. And pets. Well, maybe not pets. Unless you think they'll like the show. Then, by all means, tell your pets.

This will also be the place for post-show feedback. If questions go unanswered, or we run out of time on a topic, come here for "bonus coverage." There will also be links to guest content, friends of the show, and other fun stuff.

I'll be posting after our 7/24 show, so check back later!

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