Monday, August 23, 2010

Brooklyn Tea Party At Ground Zero Mosque Demonstration

Wanted to pass this along from "Friend of the Show" Dr. John Press who, along with other Brooklyn Tea Party members, attended this weekend's demonstration against the Park51 Mosque.

Here's the note from Dr. Press:

I tried to get several of these speakers to come to our BROOKLYN TEA PARTY SEPTEMBER 19th RALLY at the 69th St. Pier from 3 to 5 pm. Let's see if any pan out. I hope you're making strides in contacting speakers for us also!


Notice that today's rally wasn't just about the mosque. Like ours, it too is about being pissed off at the ruling elites not listening in general. We'll tag the budget, Arizona, and health care on to it. But if we could have our rally be anywhere as awesome as this one, I'd say we've awakened a sleeping giant.


Thanks for your activism! Let's roll !!!

Dr. Press and the Brooklyn Tea Party are looking for volunteers to attend the September 11th gather nearing Ground Zero as well as to help with their own gathering on September 19th.

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