Sunday, August 29, 2010

Photos From Grand Opening!

Chairman Eaton and Sen. Marty Golden help open the NEW Campaign Headquarters on 7620 17th Ave. with Brooklyn GOP Candidates. Click on the Photo to see more on Facebook - and join the group while you're there!

And don't forget - Brooklyn GOP Radio's first show from the Campaign HQ airs today at 1 PM!


  1. Congratulations on the new campaign headquarters and thanks for the photos. Interesting show today... Are you sure it is the smartest thing to go after Republican candidates and potential party nominees like Joe DioGuardi and Lucretia Regina-Potter and call them buffoons? I think this show should defiantly scrutinize candidates' positions and vigorously debate the issues but name calling? And I don't get the criticism for state committee members who voted for a Wilson-Pakula for Steve Levy, he received more then the necessary 25% of the committee vote to proceed to a primary , so why shouldn't Republican voters get a chance to decide for themselves who they want as their candidate? I've heard the "he's a democrat" argument, but if that's the case then Republican voters will reject him, why doesn't the state committee trust republican voters to make their own decisions?

  2. Thanks Osher!

    Re: Buffoon of the Week - There are boneheaded moves in politics all the time, and people should be called out on them. Celeste Katz does the same with her "hElmo" alerts on the DP. For Joe DioGuardi to be caught cheering enthusiastically for Sen. Chuck Schumer and then wants to be taken seriously as a "reform" Republican, I think that's buffoonery.

    Plus, it got you talking, right? :-) It's opinion stuff (hence a separate segment from our issue discussions) and everyone is a target... even me! Hopefully, Russell - the King Buffoon himself - will weigh in on this.

    Re: Steve Levy - It's more about the value of the word "Republican". People criticized NYC Republicans for giving him the line for Mayor. I disagreed with that criticism because I think we backed Bloomberg because there were no qualified Republicans willing to take him on in an election.

    In this case, we had multiple Republicans step up to take on Cuomo - two of which are engaged in a primary battle - and then we had another Democrat-turned-Republican wanting our line... this time because he couldn't get to the General Election with his own party label. That would devalue our party. Plus, if Mr. Levy was serious about becoming a Republican candidate for Governor, he would've done so sooner so he would have been able to ballot his way into a primary if he didn't become the designee.

    Thanks for listening and for the comments. And stop by the office sometime - soda's on me.