Monday, September 6, 2010

Brooklyn GOP Candidates & The Ground Zero Mosque Issue

If you've tuned into the show the past few weeks, you've heard us talk about the Mosque issue - probably the most talked-about issue on the campaign trail. So let's see what the Republican campaigns out there are saying about the mosque.

We checked in with the Bob Turner For Congress campaign, and received this notice about his "Move The Mosque" Rally tomorrow at the Forest Hills Band-Shell on Forest Park Dr. & Woodhaven Blvd. in Woodhaven, NY

I think Bob is on to something - this is the first "Move The Mosque" Rally, as opposed to the anti-Mosque rallies that have taken place. Just about every Republican campaign has spoken out against the mosque near Ground Zero:

Susan Kone is running in the Congressional district where Ground Zero and the mosque are physically located. She has planned a "Sensitivity Summit" for tomorrow, where she has invited Imam Rauf and other community leaders to gain a "sensitivity to the pain and grief of those New Yorkers and Americans who were so profoundly affected by the tragedy of September 11 and the continued emotional distress that would be caused by the presence of a mosque so close to the location of the sacred site of the former Twin Towers."

Both NY-13 candidates have also been very vocal in their opposition to the Mosque near Ground Zero, and we encourage you to look up their - and everyone else's - positions on the issue.


  1. Gene excellent points, and also note that both GOP gubernatorial candidates have 100% opposed the mosque as well.

  2. You know where I stand. Get these incumbent democrats to go on the record. Republicans are with the people as usual. This mosque is a slap in the face and needs to be opposed.

  3. Where the hell is Mike McMahon on this guys?