Thursday, September 9, 2010

September 11 - Should The Show Go On?

Russell and I have had a running argument regarding whether or not to do any broadcast this Saturday, September 11th. Since we can't decide, we're putting it to YOU. Respond with a comment to this article by Saturday at 12:00 AM. The most votes wins.

Russell says YES:

The show must go on. John McCain learned the hard way that taking time off for any reason during a critical campaign period is disasterous. Of course, we all know that 9/11 is not just "any reason", but we don't stop doing what we do on Pearl Harbor Day, D-Day, or the day that Gettysburg's bloodiest battle took place.

We all lost friends and family on 9/11. Soldiers are dying every day in Iraq and Afghanistan. In their honor, and to put a thumb in the eye of our enemies, we must carry on. Whether or not we do a show I will be out campaigning for someone. I recommend you all follow my lead.

Gene says NO:

I think Russell and I agree that we both want to honor those lost and those who sacrificed on 9/11. We only disagree on how best to honor them. I believe that we are - at our essence - a show about politics. I think politics should take a backseat on this day.

By not doing the show, I don't believe that we are dishonoring the lost, or that we are dishonoring those who had served and continued to serve. We are saying that 9/11 transcends politics.

Let the comments begin!


  1. I say give it a go, maybe a moment of silence on Saturday to honor those who were lost.

  2. Give the show a go, guys, I go with solider Gallo on this one!

  3. I say have it, why not?

  4. Well it's official... We'll have a show tomorrow at 12 PM. Gotta go set it up. Talk to you all on the air.