Monday, October 18, 2010

Wilson's Endorsement Bonanza!

Those regular readers know my unabashed endorsement of Harry Wilson's campaign for State Comptroller. Let's face it, it's one of the less glamorous races out there - no one (other than me and other politicos) are talking about this race.

Well you should be - we all should be. Because we need to restore fiscal sanity to our State - and we need a financial professional to do it.

Hopefully, the recent flurry of endorsements for Mr. Wilson will help bring some greater visibility to the importance of picking our next state chief fiscal watchdog.

In case you've missed it, just about every major newspaper locally in the City has backed Harry Wilson. Check them out here:

New York Times Endorsement
NY Daily News Endorsement
NY Post Endorsement
Crain's New York Business Endorsement

Get out the word about Harry Wilson - and tell ten friends to vote for him on Election Day!

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