Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Congressman Michael Grimm Already Making a Difference in Washington

Congressman Michael Grimm (R-C, NY13) has told the big spenders in Washington to STOP; literally. He has cosponsored and voted for the STOP (Stop The Over-Printing) Act which will save taxpayers $7 million dollars this year alone.

The GPO (Government Printing Office) currently prints 325 copies of every public bill and joint resolution and 475 copies of simple and concurrent resolutions. The bills are then distributed to all cosponsors and original cosponsors. As a frame of reference, the health care bill passed last year was about 2,300 pages. With 325 copies printed, that amounts to 747,500 pages of printed paper for the health care bill alone.

While Congressman Grimm was keeping his promise to cut spending the man he beat (Michael McMahon) in November's election was speaking before a liberal Democratic club in Staten Island and clearly demonstrated that he and the Democrats still don't get it. He was quoted by as saying "I told you I would not move to vote to repeal it [health care], now the guy who got elected [Michael Grimm] wants to repeal the whole thing."

Go Congressman Grimm, go!

Special thanks to my friend Bob Capano for background info for this post.


  1. I thought the government was about helping our environment?

    Isn't printing nearly 750,000 pieces of papers, not only hurting our environment, but tax-payers?

    7 million is a start, hats off to our new great congressman, and a true friend for our borough in Bob Capano.

  2. Mike McMahon is in idiot, and his words are just typical of him.

    Good thing we have an actual congressman for Brooklyn who listens to what we believe.

    Go, Grimm, Go!

  3. Anything to cut government symbolic or not, is a good start.

  4. One of the better articles I have read in a while!

  5. This is Congressman Grimm doing the right thing and keeping his word. Good job Gallo and Capano for bringing us this news,