Thursday, April 28, 2011

Google Thinks We're No.1!

Take a look, boys and girls. When you search for "GOP Radio" on Google, check out who's top dog!

(Click on it to enlarge, or run a Google search for yourself... although who knows if it'll last, hence the screenshot!)

That's right - Brooklyn GOP Radio is numero uno! King of the hill, Top of the heap, A-#1! We're even listed above one of the Kings of GOP Radio, Glenn Beck! You gotta admit, that's pretty damn cool!

Now let's get real: we don't profess to deserve to be associated with such esteemed company. But within less than a year, you must admit that Brooklyn GOP Radio has made a definite impact on the local political landscape.

Not bad for a couple of "morons" distributing the Kool-Aid, huh?

Congrats to my partners in crime, including my co-host Russell Gallo, for all the hard work put into the best thing to happen to the Brooklyn GOP in a very long time. And thank YOU for tuning in and supporting Brooklyn GOP Radio!


  1. Gene B hats off to you, the momentum the Brooklyn GOP has continues, thanks to this great news!

  2. Google is late.

    We have been #1 since day 1.