Thursday, June 16, 2011

Facts You Need To Know About NY-9

OK, folks. Enough "Weiner" jokes. Time to get down to business. Here are some facts compiled by our "Crack Staff" to get you all acquainted with the 9th Congressional District:

Voter Population

D: 53,955
R: 19,232

D: 129,671
R: 39,609

Analysis: The Brooklyn side of the district (which we’ll call “Brooklyn-9”) is comprised of two key Brooklyn Senate Districts Senator Golden’s 22nd Senate and Carl Kruger’s 27th Senate District (which has been called the most conservative Senate district in the City). It is also comprised of parts of the 41st, 44th, 46th, 47th, 48th, and 59th Assembly Districts.

Since 2002, Brooklyn-9 has been trending Republican. Brooklyn-9 was nearly 4 to 1 Democrat-to-Republican (D/R) at one time, but has now decreased to under 3 to 1 D/R. For comparison, it has nearly as many registered Republicans as the Brooklyn side of the 13th Congressional District, thanks in part to the enrollment increase in the 45th Assembly District.

Brooklyn-9 has been voting Republican in national elections. In the 2008 Presidential race, Brooklyn-9 went for McCain by a more than 3 to 2 margin. In 2004, President George W. Bush won with about 58% of the vote.

On the other hand, the Queens side of the district (which we’ll call “Queens-9”) is more of a challenge – it only broke a little over 35% for McCain. But it should be noted the Queens side of the district has more liberal areas such as parts of Elmhurst, Little Neck, and Richmond Hill. The strongholds in Queens-9 are centered in parts of the 23rd, 28th, 30th, and 38th Assembly Districts, focused in Glendale, Middle Village, Howard Beach, Maspeth, and the Rockaways. There is also a burgeoning Russian-Jewish population in the27th Assembly District neighborhoods of Forest Hills-Kew Gardens. Former Sen. Serf Maltese also represented much of Queens-9 in the State Senate for many years.

Demographically, NY-9 is the 2nd most White congressional district in the City, and has seen a large increase of a Jewish and Russian population in Brooklyn-9, plus an uptick in Asian residents in Southern portions of Queens-9.

Republican Electeds To Know in NY-9

Brooklyn - Sen. Marty Golden: We believe that he will be a key player in this race. The portion of the 9th represented by Marty Golden is actually slightly better in enrollment numbers than the rest of the 22nd Senate District as it is nearly 2.2 to 1 D/R, as the district as a whole is just under 2.3 to 1 D/R. Sen. Golden actually performed his best in the 9th, garnering nearly 80% of the vote from Midwood, Gerritsen Beach, Marine Park, and parts of Gravesend / Homecrest.

Queens - Councilman Eric Ulrich: the young Councilman carries the bulk of his Council District, earning more than 62% of the vote in the the Queens-9 portion of the Council district, out-performing his overall 59% total in 2009.

- Republicans from outside of the area has also performed well. In his Attorney General race last year, Staten Island DA Dan Donovan carried the 9th Congressional District, winning the Brooklyn portion by a nearly 5 to 3 margin, and also narrowly losing the Queens portion by performing very well in the Rockaways and in Jewish-Russian areas such as Kew Gardens-Forest Hills.

- Running a strong campaign operation matters. In 2004, Republican challenger Gerard Cornin got 24% from Brooklyn-9. in 2010, Bob Turner doubled that. In Queens-9, Cronin received 28%, Turner pulled 35%.

- It looks like this race will be won and lost in Queens. While Bob Turner was beaten nearly 2-to-1 in 2010, there are gains to be. Weiner performed abnormally well in Howard Beach and Ozone Park – areas that should trend republican in his absence. Some credit this to the effect of running with State Senator Joe Addabo on a neighborhood ticket. But in a Special Election, this area is up for grabs.


As we await when a Special Election will be announced, keep stopping back for more info from our “crack staff” here at Brooklyn GOP Radio!

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  1. I think the GOP should run Michael P. Voudouris featured in this story:

    He's a life-long resident of the district, a 9-11 First-Responder, President of the NYC Chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers and a great public speaker. Voudouris for Congress!