Friday, July 15, 2011

What Happened to The Show?

I knew there was something I forgot to do this week! A Radio Show!

Fear not, dear listeners. We took a week off to support Bob Turner for Congress and attend his volunteers meeting at the lovely Belle Harbor Yacht Club.

See folks, Me, Russell, "Crack Staff" and the rest of the show's motley crew - we're more than a great listen on Wednesday nights. We also walk the walk.

We don't blow off candidates in need of real support to do things like.... I don't know, just spitballin' here... throw fundraisers with pithy little names in the name of a candidate where the proceeds don't actually go directly to the candidate, where it's unaffiliated with the candidate, and was not actually set it up with the candidate's campaign. We don't show up to pressers and mill around in the hope of snagging some unwitting unaffiliated supporter. We're not out for ourselves.

No no no. That's not how we roll. Not Brooklyn GOP Radio.

Aside from running the best damn internet radio show this side of "The Bibi Report", we communicate with campaigns and, after a few minutes, they recognize that we're legitimately credible people who do the real work a campaign needs in the "real world" - the lit dropping, the volunteer wrangling, the phone banking, the grimy guts of what a campaign really is. The stuff that doesn't get a cheap pop on Facebook.

Most talk a good game, we play a better game. You need volunteers? We put out the call and we get you 20 volunteers. You need anything done? We're there. And the people in the know - they know. They know who to turn to when they need stuff done. That's us.

Oh well, end rant. We'll be back next week!

Or will we....

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