Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The High Price Of Freedom

Matt Mills, 36

Tommy Ratzlaff, 34

Spencer Duncan, 21

Matt Mason, 37

Kraig Vickers, 36

Aaron Carson Vaughn, 30

Kevin Houston, 36

Jon Tumilson, 35

Jonas Kelsall, 33

Johm Douangdara, 26

Jason Workman, 32

Dan Zerbe, 28

Robert Reeves, 32

Bryan Nichols, 31

John Brown, 25

Brian Bill, 31

Darrik Benson, 28

Alexander Bennett, 23

Aaron Carson Vaughn, 30

Aaron Carson Vaughn, 30

These men were among the 30 Americans killed by the enemy in Afghanistan on 6 August 2011. Their dedication and sacrifice for freedom on the other side of the planet will not be forgotten.

May God watch over their families and the rest of our brave troops still fighting this ruthless enemy.

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