Sunday, September 4, 2011

Of Puppets and 'Bots: "The 'Stache!"-Obama Connection

"The 'Stache!" wants to have his cake and eat it too! Just the latest example of the lies, misrepresentations and deceit that has become the hallmark of Team "'Stache!".

If we take "the 'Stache!" at his good word ( I can't believe I just typed that... can't. stop. laughing.), then there should be no question who's in charge here:
“I’ve never met President Obama. [Turner] is running against me.”
Is that so?

Then why is the Obama 2012 Grassroots calendar booked with 27 "'Stache!" events up until September 13th? I guess if "the 'Stache!" can't control his staff, someone else has to!

The duplicity is astounding. But it is ironic - the Queens "machine" has called in the "machines".

Enter the Obamabots - a horde of mindless foot soldiers who know nothing but their blind loyalty to... well, whatever their leaders tells them to believe at the time. In this case, the marching orders are clear - get "the 'Stache!" elected at all costs.

So why are the Dems sending in the clow... er, 'bots? Maybe it's because Team "'Stache!" has proven to be so grossly incompetent that the only way the Dems can think of to salvage this farce of a candidate is to bring in the "Hopey-Changey" ground game and take all those "smart" ideas out of their hands. Or maybe "the 'Stache!" is really THAT audacious to think that he can fool the 9th district into thinking that he will not be another "rubber stamp" Congressman while stepping and fetching for the Obama-nation's agenda like a good little Dem.

I think the latter - given "the 'Stache's!" record of "machine" loyalty, of flip-flopping jobs, of poor job performance/ability (slush fund, much?) his nepotism, I don't think it's a stretch to add disdain for voters to that list.

After all, he's been a puppet for the Queens Dem "machine" for so long, what does it matter who is pulling the strings? Who needs voters when Daddy gets you into politics and "the machine" paves the way for you?

Welcome to the race, Obamabots! I'm sure the people in NY9 will welcome you in their own way!

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