Friday, December 2, 2011

Boyland Reaction

The Democrats in New York have pretty much enjoyed absolute power and as the old saying goes...

Boyland, Kruger, Weiner, Liu - all Democrats - conducted business as if they were untouchable. The list of New York City Democrats that have been or will be indicted for various crimes is staggering. The audacity and contempt for their constituents is disturbing.

William Boyland is, thus far, the most audacious. He is accused of soliciting a bribe intended to pay the legal fees incurred while fighting federal charges of accepting bribes! You can’t make this stuff up.

Although Boyland escaped justice at his last trial, these current charges, supported by documented discussions and illicit transactions, seem pretty solid.

Brooklyn Republicans are energized like I have never seen before. We currently have four Republican elected officials representing Kings County with the recent win by newly elected congressman, Bob Turner. The Brooklyn Young Republicans were re-launched this year and recognized by the New York State YRs. Kings County Republican Chairman Craig Eaton opened a party headquarters and an internet radio show (Brooklyn GOP Radio) broadcasts from it live every Wednesday night.

The Brooklyn GOP as well as the Brooklyn Young Republicans are eagerly awaiting the redistricting process to be completed. With the momentum that we have, there is almost no foreseeable scenario that several districts will not be in play for Republican candidates in the next general election - let alone any special elections that may arise.

With President Obama on the top of the ticket in 2012 and Democrats all over New York City finding themselves as defendants in corruption cases, the GOP will see election results not seen in years.

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