Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Brooklyn GOP Radio Meets With Herman Cain!

(A tip of the ol' cap to our new friends Angel Fleming and Shane Hayes of, who got their video up before I could!)

It's not everyday that you get an invite from a former Presidential candidate to attend a very select meeting - but that's what me and my crew got when FourTier Strategies invited us to meet Herman Cain while we were at CPAC. We thought we'd be in a room with hundreds of people clamoring to speak to Mr. Cain -but it turns out that we were escorted into a very small, very private room where about 20 people involved in "new media" - bloggers, internet radio, etc. - gathered.

And in strode Herman Cain.

He was a little worse for wear, having lost his voice earlier at CPAC. But the charm and personality were still in tact.

There are way too many nuggets of knowledge in this to write about, so since seeing is believing, we wanted you to get an unfiltered prospective. Check out the entire video up top.

The overall tenor of the meeting was a discussion of Mr. Cain continued presence on the national political scene. This campaign season, Cain Connections will be stumping for candidates who support Mr. Cain's 9-9-9 "philosophy", which he is taking to the people.

During our discussion, Mr. Cain emphasized the importance of the "respected" blogging community to disseminate correct information to the public. Wait, was he talking about us? Indeed he was. If that isn't a stamp of approval for Brooklyn GOP Radio, I don' t know what is!

During the meeting, there was a pretty cool moment where I got to ask Mr. Cain a question about what Cain Connections would be doing to help down-ballot candidates:

Oh, and did I mention that I gave Mr. Cain a new "talking point" to use? I didn't? Well, here it is!

What a moment. All of us here at Brooklyn GOP Radio would like to thank Mr. Brad Marston of FourTier Strategies for putting this together and for so graciously inviting us to this incredible event. You'll be sure we'll be closely watching what Herman Cain will be doing next!


  1. Captain America

    WOW Batman and Robin, ooh I mean The Voice Sorry

    I am not going to talk about Mr. Cain for I do not know him.

    If Batman and you have him on the show I guess you want his opinion on something besides how to make a Pizza.

    All I can say is sometimes things are not always what they appear to be.

    With this in mind.

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    Captain America: Not really its a Trade Secret if you know what I mean Oscar.

    Oscar: I see you have been getting involved in politics in New York, whats up with this.

    Captain America: Well Oscar I know you are for The Republicans like your entire family has been for years and years. Since I am now of the other game for years. I decided to use politics to help all of those I see suffering and struggling, especially the little man and woman.

    Oscar: What game have you been out of, may I ask.

    Captain America: Its too long Oscar and besides you would not believe it if I told you and this blog. I will keep this to myself and besides I am thinking about maybe a short novel.

    Oscar you know we have Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Sterling drop by from time to time.

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    Captain America out for a smoke.
    PS: Why the two words are you tracking?
    Not fair guys.

  2. Captain America

    Wow Batman they are really starting to bash the Republican Party in the Media.

    They better not start trashing or continue to cut the Military and others that protect us.

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