Monday, February 6, 2012

Congressman Steve King Headlines Latest CPAC Guest Announcements!

CPAC is starting to surpass even my own expectations! Brooklyn GOP Radio is proud to announce FOUR new guests that have agreed to sit down with us while we're in Washington D.C. at CPAC. So, without any further ado...

Congressman Steve King (R-IA):
Steve King grew up in a law enforcement family in Storm Lake, Iowa. King was elected to Congress in 2002 to represent Iowa's fifth congressional district. He brings the concerns and ideas from people of the fifth district with him to work on the Agriculture Committee. He has long been dedicated to adding value as close to the corn stalk and bean stubble as possible, as many times as possible. The Fifth District ranks first in the nation for hogs and pigs and is one of the most productive areas in the nation for renewable fuels. King's very first bill in Congress was an expansion of a tax credit to small ethanol and biodiesel producers. His language was included in the Energy Users Act of 2005, which President George W. Bush signed into law.

As 97% of Iowa's businesses are small business, King received a special waiver to serve on the House Small Business Committee so he could work to restrict government regulations that impede the growth of business and jobs.King is also a member of the House Judiciary Committee, where he sits on the Constitution Subcommittee and the Immigration Subcommittee. He believes the Constitution means what it says and that it should be read in light of the intent of our founding fathers. King is never caught without a copy of the Constitution in his coat pocket. King also chairs the Conservative Opportunity Society, a powerful and legendary House caucus that is best known for energizing Republicans to regain the majority of the House of Representatives in 1994.

Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes: Host of FOX News & Commentary, Todd will join us to tell us about his new book "Dispatches From Bitter America". In his book, Starnes references how President Obama once declared that people who cling to their guns are bitter Americans. So Starnes, who describes himself as a “gun-toting, chicken-eating, son of a Baptist,” decided to travel across the country to determine if what the president said was true. His book is filled with hilarious satire and biting commentary on the culture war.


CPAC brings together many groups that advocate for different policy initiatives. Russell and I agreed that we wanted to bring awareness to many of these groups whose missions we agree. Here are the first of two of what I'm sure will become many:

Marc Levin, Sr. Policy Advisor - Right to Crime: Marc is the director of the Center for Effective Justice at the Texas Public Policy Foundation and senior policy director of Right on Crime, a conservative criminal justice reform group that advocates for policies that will save money, lower incarceration costs, but most importantly, decrease crime. Levin is an Austin, TX attorney and an accomplished author on legal and public policy issues. Levin has served as a law clerk to Judge Will Garwood on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit and Staff Attorney at the Texas Supreme Court. In 1999, he graduated with honors from the University of Texas with a B.A. in Plan II Honors and Government. In 2002, Levin received his J.D. with honors from the University of Texas School of Law. Levin’s articles on law and public policy have been featured in national and international media outlets that regularly turn to him for conservative analysis of states’ criminal justice challenges.

Bob Vandervoort, Executive Director - ProEnglish: ProEnglish is the nation's leading advocate of official English. The organization works through the courts and in the court of public opinion to defend English's historic role as America's common unifying language, and to persuade lawmakers to adopt English as the official language at all levels of government. As Executive Director,Bob Vandervoort manages the ongoing projects of ProEnglish and its publicity. He has a wide variety of campaign and legislative experience at both the federal and state level and has worked on Capitol Hill and at the Maryland State Legislature in Annapolis. He has a law degree from DePaul University and a BA in history and international relations from Boston University.

Both Marc and Bob are participants of different policy discussions during CPAC 2012.


What an amazing lineup - TWO Congressmen, talk personalities, policy advocates... and it's going to keep getting better! Keep checking back for more great announcements from Brooklyn GOP Radio about our CPAC coverage!

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  1. Captain America

    Thank God for people like Steve King (Keep them coming for we sure need more of them, maybe we should clone him)

    Now Todd, well its every Americas right to bare ARMS.

    I personally do not like anything that makes noise. I do have sensitive ears.

    I prefer knifes and other pointed instruments which can do the same damage if used right.

    My days of using these instruments are over I hope, unless of course we are invaded. Than I will have to do what I have to do to protect those around me.

    Enough of this!

    On to Marc. Well I have a different approach to crime.

    Depending on which crimes.

    Now Capitol Murder, Rape, killing of police and innocent civilians with intention (LIFE)

    My LIFE sentence is a little different for it would cost pennies compared to what they do today.

    I would fill up C-130's with these people who could care less about life.

    I would outfit them with the best money could buy snow gear. Food and Water for 30 days. Than drop them with chutes over either the North or South Poles.

    If they reach home. THEY ARE FREE!

    We give them a chance to think about what they did as they struggle to get back home.

    They pray to God as it gets colder and colder for death.

    God of course will answer their prays and make it fast and swift as not to make them suffer to much for they are God's children.

    They did not care about life. Why should we care!

    Once young people hear about this as they grow they will think twice about doing these type of crimes.

    On to Bob. When in Rome, do as the Romans.

    Any person that comes to our great country should try to learn the language.

    a) This would help them make more money in the future and build a better America for their children and their neighbors.

    b) Not to learn English hinders them and their personal quest for freedom.

    Well Captain America out for a smoke and maybe today I will try and understand a little Georgian.

    That is the Country that was the birth place of one of my favorite heroes of all times. STALIN!!!!

    YEAR RIGHT... A murderer was he this Stalin, bigger than Hitler.. What Hero?

    To some he is a Hero to God he is a bad child and will never get out of The Red Plains of Illusion..