Friday, May 18, 2012

Senator Marty Golden & Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis Honor 6 MTA Bridge and Tunnel Employees


With the bridge serving as a stately backdrop, Lt. Cheryl DeSetto, Sgt. Michael Chiarelli, Maintainer Giuseppe Bonamico and BTO Edward Grimm were honored at John Paul Jones Park in Bay Ridge on May 10th.

State Sen. Martin Golden, whose district includes Bay Ridge on the eastbound side of the bridge, said the VN employees were just doing their everyday jobs but when they noticed something out of the ordinary, they did not hesitate to act.

"These officers made the decision to jump out there and save lives," he said. "They deserve to get honored day after day but they don’t, which is why we chose to honor them here today."

BTO Grimm was instrumental in saving the first man on April 4th, and Bonamico, DeSetto, Chiarelli, and two other officers who could not attend, Joseph Dahl and Jared Reeves, rescued another man on May 1st.

"The officers of the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority are often overlooked and after hearing of the lives they saved, I wanted to recognize them on behalf of our community," said Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, whose district includes the East Shore of Staten Island and Bay Ridge. "They combat many different threats, including those by drunken and reckless drivers, and even terrorism, on a regular basis."

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  1. Captain America

    Here it is a beautiful Saturday Morning May 19, 2012 and another great write up by my pal Russ who is trying to stay positive.

    There are Senator Marty Golden & Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis taking time from their busy schedule to be there on May 10.

    Think what are our Democratic Party Office Holders in New York City doing most of the time?

    I know a lot of them are honest and mean to do what is right by the people and they all can not be crooks, thieves, sexual preverts and just out for themselves.

    The Democratic Party Office Holders that are honest they should think and read why the Republican Party was formed in 1856.

    Think more positive about this and more seriously if they want to help all the peoples, if they have any common sense they would then switch parties.

    Now upstairs in Heaven Martin Luther just nudged Abe Lincoln and tells him, you guys were pretty smart back then in 1856.

    Lincoln just looks at him and winks.

    U. Grant tells Garfield and McKinley you think they will ever get it together.

    Just than Ronald Reagan pops in tells them all.

    Well guys I was in a flick back in 1938 A Cowboy From Brooklyn and these guys and gals are getting it together there in Brooklyn.

    Everybody in the Bleaches lets out a giant roar and wave "Lets Go Brooklyn"


    Captain America out for a walk

  2. Jimmy Carter

    Walking Around In The Bleachers with Peanuts yelling!

    Can't We All Just Be Friends