Monday, June 11, 2012

Turner & Grimm Demand Investigation of Recent "SWAT-ting" of Bloggers

According to, both Brooklyn Republican Congressmen - Bob Turner and Michael Grimm - have signed on to a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding  that his office thoroughly investigate the "SWAT-ting" of conservative bloggers discussed in our open letter written on the National Day of Blogger Silence.

Other signers include past show guests Tom Graves (R-GA), Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Allen West (R-FL)

I am proud that our show and blog may have played a small part in this latest development in solidarity with co-members of the National Bloggers Club and the conservative blogging community at large.  And I am particularly proud that my Congressman, Bob Turner, and Congressman Grimm stepped up and signed on to this demand.

We'll keep you updated as news develops.  

1 comment:

  1. Captain America

    Another well done job by Gene, his feelings will more than likely save lives.

    Great Job Gene and stay positive.

    Now the rest of you have to jump on the band wagon and write about what you see and feel that is wrong and lets correct all of this negative crap we see or try to.

    Captain America out for a smoke, more coffee and another great idea besides the gun proposal who nobody seems to care about and I did send my letters to many high officials and the NRA.

    Gee think, just one of the proposals could save thousands of life's, but again it is there FREE WILL to do what is right in their heart and to have compassion.

    I am wondering and watching what Michael Grimm will do with this Gun Proposal for it is a big deal with God.

    Captain America wrote the proposal, but it is in my mind, God's proposal for God wrote it in my mind and it is all positive.