Thursday, October 4, 2012

Campaign Break: Best Description of ObamaCare Ever!

Meet Dr. Barbara Bellar, who is running for State Senate in Illinois. Dr. Bellar was recently featured on "On the Record" on Fox News. It was too good not to share. And now, back to campaigning for Brooklyn GOP Victories!

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  1. Mel Snyder from Flatbush

    I am 17 years old and I always dreamed of being a doctor for I have always felt the need to help my fellow human and besides I was under the impression they have it made money wise.

    After reading about Obama Care and seeing what this President is doing to this country, I have figured out with student loans, etc. It would take me until I am 55 to pay off these loans. Being a Doctor is out

    I am not as highly educated as the President and from what I see and read about the Democratic Party and all the corruption involved with politics with in them, no wonder these people who I now know have to be somewhat smart, but again are they?

    I don't think they are and a lot of them in this 17 year old's mind are idiots, why run for a public office and then do favors for your family and friends, take bribes,become sexual animals, tax cheats, steal and have no morals at all.

    I am confused on what career to take now?

    No wonder so many people in my age group smoke pot, take pills. No body seems to care anymore about what is right or wrong or family values.

    Everybody seems to be out for themselves and could care less about their fellow human who has very little.

    I am sad at having to make this choice but I will become a comedian. Sorry ma
    This Country is one big Comedy and I might as well make money from Jokes and people like The Democratic Party.