Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Consultant Gerry O'Brien Featured on CBS2 Report

So who does CBS2 turn to for expert political analysis? Brooklyn's own Gerry O'Brien. An expert political consultant, Gerry has worked on several successful campaigns over a long career, including as a consultant for the Brooklyn. From Gerry's Website:
A Reagan volunteer in 1976, Gerry worked in D.C. during the 1980s as Deputy Creative Director at Odell, Roper & Associates, writing direct mail for Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and clients in two dozen states. In 1993 Gerry pioneered the use of computermorphing in political campaigns, and in ‘94 used it to help the NRCC win a seat they had not held since the Civil War. Gerry served as Political Director of John McCain’s New York State campaign in 2000. He got McCain on the entire statewide ballot against impossible odds -- for 10% of what it cost other candidates.
Congratulations to our friend Gerry for his latest bit of recognition.

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