Saturday, February 2, 2013

This Week: Show-Approved Music With Mark Scudder

This week, Mark Scudder, an unapologetically Conservative singer / songwriter Mark Scudder talks life, music and politics with Gene & Russell
Meet a good friend of the show - Mark Scudder. Mark is a New York Republican I met upstate at a NYSYR event in Cortland, NY.  We found out immediately that we had some things in common:  a love for politics, a weakness for wine from the Finger Lakes and we both spoke fluent sarcasm.

We also got to talking about music.  Mark is an accomplished singer, songwriter and vocalist pursuing his dream to "make it" in the music business.  But he wants to make it his way.  That means he is refusing to hide his conservatism in his music. In fact, he revels in it.

So this week at 8 PM, get to know Mark Scudder and listen to some of his tracks from his album "The Solution Is The Problem" as well as talk about his upcoming release "#TheAntiSocialNetwork"

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