Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Brooklyn GOP Radio's "CPAC Recap" Begins Tomorrow!

What a week at CPAC!  Row 1 (l-r) - Michelle Fields, Allen West, J. Christian Adams, Brian Griffiths, Row 2 - Rep. Mark Kennedy, Rev. Sam Rohrer, Rep. Steve Stockman, Jeff Semon, Row 3 - Crystal Wright, Van Hipp, Bob Dorigo Jones, Sabrina Schaeffer, Row 4 - Bridget Johnson

CPAC may be over, but our CPAC Recap will be going strong starting tomorrow! 

Check out this week's show to hear ALL the interviews our team recorded during CPAC 2013.  As you can see, we had a richly diverse slate of guests, each of which we'll feature on the blog starting tomorrow.  You'll also be able to hear each clip individually right here in each post.  

Plus,  Russ and I will be writing some special features on news stories that aren't covered by the mainstream media as well as they could be.  Some involve issues happening outside of NYC (yes, such things do exist), while others have interesting ties to Brooklyn and NYC.  

So check back early and often to Brooklyn GOP Radio!

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