Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ryan Radio Takeover! WED@8PM

Catch a rising conservative star!  Writer / Consultant Ryan Girdusky takes control of Brooklyn GOP Radio!

It's time Brooklyn GOP Radio's audience was introduced to a very talented young man who is going places in Republican circles both locally and on the national front.  

Ryan James Girdusky is a talented writer from New York City.  Ryan has already been published in conservative national publication like American Spectator, Human Events, Christian Science  Monitor, Townhall.com. DailyCaller.com, Breitbart.com, and AmericanThinker.com.  As a political consultant he has worked on many campaigns including Bob Turner, Eric Ulrich for State Senate, David Storobin for State Senate, and Mayor Bloomberg's re-election. He also was a consultant for Liberty for All Super Pac.

Wow.  That's a pretty good resume.  

So for the first time ever, we're handing the reins of the show over to someone else.  Ryan is running the show - he's inviting his own guests, he choosing the topics and he's moderating the conversation.  Who knows?  This might be the start of something big!

Tune in Wednesday at 8 PM!

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  1. Captain America
    Who are we backing in the election this year for Mayor. Would like to hear who and why.