Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"Carlos Danger" Confirms Post-WeinerGate Sex Chats

Courtesy:  Mediaite.com
You cannot make this stuff up.

Today, Anthony Weiner admits to using a pseudonym "Carlos Danger" in a new scandal lewd, sexually charged online chats that were posted by a nightlife website.

You can read more about it HERE.

And in the future, Weiner shall forever be referred to as "Carlos Danger" on this site.


  1. A Poem for You All Today

    Titled My Kinda Guys and Gals

    I Love Anthony Weiner he is my kinda guy.

    A real demon he be!

    What a beautiful guy he is a really ladies man is he in his mind.

    Show me your hairs,your chest, show me how your hung.

    If I had my way I hang you from a pole.

    I love you Carlos Danger, your my kinda guy.

    A real demon you be and this City needs you because it is a Portal of Hell and I know it is.

    Your my kinda guy!!!

    I Love You Anthony Weiner because you are the biggest weiner of them all.

    Your my kidda guy!

    Your my kinda guys Eliot Spitzer and Carlos Danger and you both should seek medical help quickly before it is too late.

    I love you both your my kinda guys!

    Carol Quinn she is a demon too for she is a real top notch demon too and she is my kinda gal

    I Love the the three of you.

    Your my kinda guys and gal real demons.

    What a better bunch to run the biggest.

    Portal of Hell

    You are my kidda people..

    I love the three of you.

    Your my kinda people.

  2. Moron your a Moron