Wednesday, November 20, 2013

TONIGHT@9:30PM - The Vito & Vito Show!

SPECIAL TIME!  Russ and I are handing the reins of Brooklyn GOP Radio over to two enthusiastic Young Republicans - the "Good Reverend" Vito (The Hat) Palmieri and Vito (insert nickname here) DiGiovanni - for the maiden voyage of The Vito and Vito Show!

(And yes, "The Hat" claims to indeed be a Reverend!)

Vito & Vito, both college Republicans, were enthusiastic volunteers that pounded pavement for several Brooklyn GOP candidates who decided to hang around and become a part of Brooklyn GOP Radio's growing "peanut gallery" of contributors to the live show (and soon to be blog contributors as well).

V&V promise to have a great show in store, including a discussion of the epic fail of Obamacare and a lament on that increasingly endangered species, the "moderate" Republican.

Tune in for a great show... or a complete and utter train wreck... we don't know which.  But why should this week be different than any other week, right?

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