Thursday, January 30, 2014

Amanda Kohut's Brief Book!

(Editor's Note:  This is from an email put together by our friend / Washington hack-in-training Amanda Kohut that was too good not to share!  "If you don't have the hackiest hack, will you ever get indicted?" )

Live from Washington, It's Fight Night!

This isn't his first rodeo: Michael Grimm Fighting Around the World

Tuesday night:  "I will throw you off this f******* balcony. I will break you, like a little boy."

The next day:  H/T to NY Daily News

Expert crisis communication advice for Grimm, brought to you by Anthony Weiner

From the holding cells:  Three-time indicted Assemblyman William Boyland gets a primary challenger, will still win re-election

And finally, it's Sexy time: Curtis Silwa donates old and crustys

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