Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Sounds of 1977 - The Casale Group Takes On Shelly Silver

Click the Photo To Time Warp!  Trippy...
And now, a funny musical interlude from our friends at The Casale Group!

Do you remember 1977? Everyone was wearing bell-bottoms. Disco ruled the airwaves. Jimmy Carter...just, LOL. If you’re Sheldon Silver, 1977 was the year you were first elected to the Assembly.

Now that it’s 37 years later and the Assembly Speaker is best known for corruption, sexual harassment scandals, and all around Albany dysfunction, we thought we’d take a look back with the help of Spotify to a simpler time in Shelly’s career with “Sheldon Silver’s Greatest Hits!” These are some of the hottest songs the same year Shelly started his career as a career politician. Listen HERE

You’ll need an account (you can sign up w/ Facebook, or if you’re an Assembly Democrat, have an intern sign up for you), but as you listen ask yourself this important question...

These songs have come and gone...isn’t it time Sheldon Silver did the same?

Wow, that's longer than either I or Russell have been alive!

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