Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gene Talks CPAC on BK Live Tuesday at 12 PM!

Once word about Brooklyn GOP Radio's nomination for Blog Bash's "Best in Show: Podcast" award hit the streets, we've been extremely busy prepping for our CPAC calendar of interviews and events as well as campaigning for our fellow bloggers' votes.  Oh, and schedule a special Pre-CPAC show that will air Thursday at 9 PM on BlogTalkRadio!

But who knew that we'd be the ones fielding the interview requests!  

First, Russ and I are booked on the Wayne Dupree Show during CPAC, and now I can announce that I'll be appearing on "BK Live" a daily news show hosted by Brian Vines on Brooklyn Public Network (formerly known as BCAT).  I'll be discussing Brooklyn GOP Radio, CPAC, Blog Bash and life as a Republican in Brooklyn.

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