Monday, March 10, 2014

Check Back Later For CPAC Content... We. Need. A Minute.

We're are still recovering from CPAC.  Only one word describes our annual trip to the DC area - EPIC.

Here's some light reading to give you a glimpse as to why it was so epic... we might have thrown a little party in our room this year - just a small gathering with 300 of our closest friends!

A hot tub, Rep. Steve Stockman, and a CPAC party  (Washington Post)
Host of the CPAC hot tub party: ‘People were well-behaved!’ (Washington Post)
CPAC 2014: Steve Stockman’s Awesome Hot Tub Party  (Slate)
Steve Stockman Drank Beer At A Hotel Party Next To Some Guy In A Bathtub. Here Are Photos. (HuffPo)

But we also will be posting exclusive audio and video content and a ton of photos!

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