Sunday, March 2, 2014

CPAC 2014 - Rare's Tabitha Hale!

The amazing guests keep rolling in! Managing Editor of Tabitha Hale is coming on Brooklyn GOP Radio - and we can't wait!

Launched last year, Rare a unique news magazine site that should be on your daily blogroll.  It serves a new generation of conservatives, libertarians and independents eager to protect individual liberty in all its forms.  You want it, Rare's got it - it's a multimedia experience that is really plugged into the national political scene. 

Rare brings you the best in conservative news, political and lifestyle content from a wide range of respected sources, but does so in an unconventional way.  Every story and piece of content is designed to be its own “sharable module,” ready to live across your networks of family, friends and various devices.

It must be working, because in the space of less than one year, over 500K people follow Rare on Facebook!

Forward thinking like this set the site apart - how many times have you heard about the social media deficit in the conservative movement? That's a big reason why Brooklyn GOP Radio encourages you to checkout what Tabitha and Rare are doing. 

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