Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Heard At CPAC: Grant Lally Takin' On Obama's "Mini-Me" in NY-3

(Photo By Diana Sepulveda)
What are the odds of finding another Republican attorney from New York at CPAC?!?  Friend of the show Grant Lally is running for Congress against "Obama's Mini-Me" Steve Israel on Long Island.

Take a listen to our interview after the jump.

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Lally's initial tactic is one you would expect from any Republican candidate this election cycle - tying Israel - the chair of the DCCC - to President Obama and the failed ObamaCare legislation and administrative roll-out.  "Steve Israel... is staple-bolted to Barack Obama." said Lally. 

But Grant Lally is no one-trick pony.  He also answered our questions on foreign policy and America's place in the world.  "Steve Israel is part of this weakness of Barack Obama's administration," calling the administration's policy towards Iran "appeasement". 

Clearly, Lally is brimming with confidence as he kicks off his Congressional bid.   "I"m gonna beat him."

This may turn into a race to watch with the irght money and manpower falling into place.  Click Here to read more about Grant Lally for Congress

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