Wednesday, June 4, 2014

TONIGHT: More "Hot Air" from DC w/ Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation

Have you heard about the wind Production Tax Credit (PTC)?  Since 1992, your taxpayer dollars have subsidized every kilowatt of hard electricity produced as a result of these large windmills you see throughout the nation. 

Judson Phillips says it's time to end this subsidy.  His new project, “Waste in the Wind” is a new formed collection of fellow believers in individual rights, free markets and limited government. This new coalition is calling congress the end the PTC.

Judson is the founder of Tea Party Nation is one of the largest Tea Party Groups in the country and the number one national tea party site on the Internet.  A lawyer by profession, Judson has been involved in politics since his teens.  He became active in Republican politics after the 1980 presidential election.  “Ronald Reagan inspired me,” he says.  He currently manages the Tea Party Nation website (  He is a prolific writer, publishing several daily columns for various websites and for the Washington Times. He is a frequent guest on cable and broadcast news shows, including on Fox, MSNBC, CNN and others.

Tune in tonight!

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