Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Term Limits Referendum Unveiled, Protects City Council Incumbents

After months of public hearing, the NYC City Charter Revision Commission finally unveiled the referendum to restore term limits.... well, sorta.

Here it is:

Term Limits:
The proposal would amend the City Charter to:
  • Reduce from three to two the maximum number of consecutive full terms that can be served by elected city officials; and
  • Make this change in term limits applicable only to those city officials who were first elected at or after the 2010 general election; and
  • Prohibit the City Council from altering the term limits of elected city officials then serving in office.
Basically it means those City Council incumbents elected in 2009 to their first or second term would have an extra term in office which they could pursue, but anyone elected after November of 2010 wouldn't. This portion of the referendum has already come under fire from critics, including from Conservative Party Chair Mike Long, who called it
“a self-serving, special interest bill for those councilmembers who are (now) sitting on the City Council.”

Tell us what you think.


  1. Two Terms and Only Two Terms Gene!

  2. This is a mockery of NYC voters who have spoken twice in favor of two-term term limit for all city elected representatives. I don't know if this a case of politicians protecting other politicians, but I would even consider voting against this proposal, in the hopes that if it is voted down, they will have to put it up again next year, and then they will have to include all elected representatives. But I don't know if it is worth taking the chance...