Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weinership v. Leadership

The voters of the 9th Congressional District of Brooklyn and Queens missed a golden opportunity in November when they failed to elect Bob Turner and opted instead for Chuck Schumer's barista.

The video above is not only a testy exchange between Weiner and Megyn Kelly on the topic of the Estate Tax, it is a loud, clear and "in your face" illustration of the foundational differences between the Democrat philosophy and that of the Republican Party.

Weiner, loudly and unabashedly states that if you are industrious and motivated and become wealthy because of your endeavors and desire to see a better life for your children, that the fruits of those labors are akin to having a good run at the Craps table! That your children should pay an exhorbitant duty on your money because it is unearned!

I cannot share Mr. Weiner's view because I can't imagine a scenario where ANYONE could have done any less to enrich an estate than the Federal Government who in Weiner's estimation should be first in line for the lion's share of it!!

More disturbing however than Weiner's disgusting and socialistic point of view in this debate is his combative, violent and menacing posture while weakly defending his position. This is clearly a man who is unused to being disagreed with and uncomfortable being questioned. Strange qualities for a man whose job it is to debate legislation and who, incidentally has never held any other type of job. When Ms. Kelly asked a question, Weiner deflected it (not uncommon for a politician) but when she persisted, Mr. Hyde began to appear! His jaw became set and clenched. He began to rock back and forth, roll his eyes and slap one hand against the other with an ominous and menacing THWACK!. Then after an uncomfortable moment, he glared into the camera and hissed at Ms. Kelly very sarcastically, "READY"?

Perhaps when Congress begins to drone on about the evils and perils of "violent rhetoric" Rep. Weiner's combatitive, menacing and ill tempered exchange with Megyn Kelly can be typified as rhetoric unbecoming a Member of the House of Representatives!

Bob Turner-2012!


  1. Voters did indeed miss a great opportunity to elect a man in Bob Turner who would have gave not only Brooklyn and Queens a voice for the issues there in line with, but for the country.

    2012 can't come any sooner, and hopefully voters this time will elect a better representative in the one we currently have for the 9th Congressional District in Anthony the "Whiner", Weiner.

  2. No tax is a good tax, and this shows that all Democrats want to tax us to death, including big government shills like Anthony Weiner.