Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Aug. 17 - Special Show For You Weprin "Lurkers" Out There!

So after seeing this little nugget on The Brooklyn Politics (and a special tip of the hat to the site) about a recent Weprin press release attacking Republican / Conservative Congressional candidate Bob Turner with - of all things - remarks he made back in July 2010 on Brooklyn GOP Radio, we here at Brooklyn GOP Radio decided to cater to our new demographic!

So here's to you, o faithful intern, for finding the best little internet radio program in this here borough! In honor of all the diligent "researchers" / lurkers /wanna-be spin doctors that have become loyal listeners to our show, we encourage you to check out this week's show as we talk all-David Weprin, all the time. That's right! A full hour talking about the man who wears the 'stache in all it's awesome glory!

So until then, to tide you over until tonight at 8 PM, here's a little taste of our show. Resist the urge to join in, and talk to you tonight!

1 comment:

  1. Let's settle this election with a dance-off.

    My money's on Turner.