Friday, August 19, 2011

EXCLUSIVE! NYSDC "Lurker" Caught In The Act!

I'd like everyone to meet our newly-found loyal listener - Lou R. Kerr! And look! He's with the NYS Democratic Committee!

For those of you who haven't followed: The NYSDC and the Weprin Campaign are trying to paint the future-Congressman representing NY-9 Bob Turner as an extremist based in part on comments he made as a guest on our show last year. So far, we count a Weprin presser and an NYSDC attack mailing that cites Brooklyn GOP Radio. Who knows? There may be more coming!

(As an aside: let there be no more doubt about just how influential - and apparently, feared - Brooklyn GOP Radio has become in political circles! Tremble at our might!)

But back to Lou. Actually, he's a quiet guy who likes to hang around in the background. He's always around - even when you think he's not there. He kinda blends into the background. But, every now and again, he'll make his presence known.

And when he's not listening, he's... umm... well, I would imagine he's carrying the great big tub of mustache wax for the Weprin campaign? Someone's gotta keep "The 'Stache!" looking spiffy!

Anyways, keep listening, Lou. It just shows how nervous you and the NYSDC are about NY-9 quickly slipping from your grasp.

UPDATE: Just got word that there is actually a Liz Kerr who works for the Weprin Campaign! Talk about a coincidence - I totally did not know that and hope that Ms. Kerr didn't think we were using a play on words with her name.

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