Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Stache!" Politics: Clueless on Social Security & Medicare

I think the pressure is getting to "The 'Stache!" As he is being asked the hard questions by constituents AND his own Democratic colleagues, his answers show detachment from the reality we as a nation face.

On a recent appearance on Dov Hikind's radio show, "The 'Stache!" was asked if he really believed that Bob Turner wants to destroy Social Security? Here's his answer:

A: I believe he said many times he supported the Ryan Plan last year and last November when he ran against Anthony Weiner, which would've privatized Medicare - vouchers for Medicare which would've cost seniors $6,300.00 more a year.

Wow. Where to begin...

First off, notice how the answer had nothing to do with Social Security - it's a talking point about Medicare.

Second, let's fact-check: there was no such thing as the Ryan Plan in November of 2010! The Ryan Plan was unveiled this year in April! Woops.

Beyond this un-truth, when you talk substance, I believe that whether you felt that the Ryan Plan creates a "voucher" scheme or a "premium support" scheme is a matter of debate. But in either case, Bob Turner is on record expressly stating his opposition to the Ryan Plan this year - when it ACTUALLY came out!

So that makes the entire statement an out-and-out lie.

Make no mistake - "The 'Stache!" is counting on misinformation to win. He wants to scare voters into choosing him, because he knows that's the only way he has a shot.

Because he has no real plan other than what he and other liberals have as their good ol' fallback - and you'll see that below.

Mr. Hikind gives his fellow Dem a second chance, asking if "The 'Stache!" agrees that something must be done to preserve Social Security for future generations - the answer shocks:

A: Well I think we can't rule out taxation. If you take a position that you want to give tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires and you don't want to have any taxation on corporations and you want to cut the budget then you have to look at changing Social Security and Medicare. If you have the right form of taxation and if you create new industries, you create new jobs, you can preserve Social Security and Medicare. I would make that a major priority and not look to eliminate or cut it or scale it back for future retirees.

So there you have it - definitive proof that "The 'Stache!" is a tax and spend liberal who sees nothing wrong with what the government is doing right now. According to him, all we need to do is tax more money from people (specifically rich people) and spend that money (or excuse me - "re-distribute the wealth") on a bottomless pit that, by all accounts, won't be there when the next generation retires.

Isn't that the same plan that drove this nation into the ground the past three years? Or if he ill equipped to be a Congressman, going back to what he knows and sticking his head int he political sand, hoping it'll all blow over?

I believe it's the latter.

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