Monday, August 29, 2011

On "Logistics" - A Theoretical Approach

(First, a little musical interlude...)

By now, you know that David Weprin (or I we call him here "The 'Stache!") no-showed the good people of the Juniper Park Civic Association at their scheduled debate on Monday night. His official statement:
The hurricane caused major logistical and scheduling problems for the campaign and thus David is not able to make the debate this evening.
Logistics, eh? UPS would be appalled. Back on topic, even the NY Times doesn't buy that lame-o excuse!
It was an eyebrow-raising explanation, especially given that his Republican opponent, Bob Turner, had been evacuated from his home in the Rockaways during the storm, yet still planned to make the debate.
This is an excerpt form one of many stories published today (see the bottom of the article for all the links I can find, including from the aggrieved Juniper Park Civic Association.) But no one has tried to look for another reason besides "logistics" for this latest move by "The 'Stache!" Let's explore, shall we?

THEORY NO. 1: He's chicken! It's clear that at the last live debate in Kew Gardens that "the 'Stache!" was rattled by the crowd and the rude reception they gave him. More than one news account hinted as much (h/t to The Daily Politics):
(Juniper Park Civic Pres. Bob Holden) also said Team Weprin had professed concerns about a debate format, preferring a forum without back-and-forth, and also said the campaign was worried about things getting rowdy, as they did at a recent face-off in Kew Gardens Hills.
Well maybe he's not chicken, just chicken like a fox. "The 'Stache!" knows that he can't get his message out with Turner supporters around - they're raucous, they're boisterous. Turner has them (them? US!) in a frenzy because Republicans in Brooklyn and in NYC have a candidate they believe can win - and will win. So you take the rock-star atmosphere away, you hurt Turner - or so the theory goes.

But this leads us to...

THEORY NO. 2: He's Cracking Up! According to early conventional wisdom, this was supposed to be a "coronation" for "The 'Stache!" A cake-walk. But it hasn't been. In fact, it's been the opposite. It's a horse race. As a result, he and his team are rattled. The crowd is against him, Ed Koch jumped party lines, Dov Hikind - a Jewish Dem from the Assembly - all BUT crossed party lines. He's in trouble, and doesn't know what to do.

And sources in the online media are noticing. In a quick email conversation with Colin Campbell, political guru extraordinaire of The Brooklyn Politics, he raised some interesting points from a journalist's point of view while this debate no-show story was breaking:
I've received five press notices from the Turner campaign this morning and afternoon, ZERO from Weprin. What is his team doing??? Monday mornings are the perfect time to send out releases. Even a flailing campaign can make some media efforts, weird stuff.
Further digging reveals that there's even more pressure - from online supporters of "The 'Stache!". Even an ardent "'Stache!" denizen tweeted today he left a "pretty angry message" on "The 'Stache's!" Facebook wall. He has since sanitized his Facebook page, but until today, there were several negative comments from "'Stache!" supporters about the direction of his campaign. So there's strife in 'Stache! Country!

Which leads me to...

THEORY NO. 3 - He Thinks He's Losing! There's no link here. No funny quote. But let's take Theory 1 and 2 and smoosh them together:

a) His Opponent has been in it since the first poll weeks ago. Not Good.
b) He's noticed the crowd is not all for him. Not Good.
c) Prominent Jewish Dems have endorsed his opponent. NOT good.
d) His campaign committed a BIG "unforced error" and then went radio silent for a long time. Definitely. Not. Good.
e) His own supporters are questioning his tactics. Totally. Not. Good.

This is not the signs of a well-oiled "machine" - pun intended!

So, that's what I got. Got your own theory? Wanna make one. Let's give you the tools - It's Linkin' Time!

That's (a lot of cyber-ink for) "logistics" . Maybe "The 'Stache!" will be the next thing shipped out of NY-9 by UPS.

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  1. clearly the stach is trying to avoid debates at all see heres the thing about dialouge in progressive circles is that as long as they know in advance (wwe style...) that they'll win ,go ahead with dialouge & debate. however when on the ropes, time or good ol' charecter assination (terrorists -biden, mafia-savino,ect.