Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Will He Or Won't He? Debate in Manhattan Beach Scheduled For 8/31

I don't know why, but I think this has to be the funniest video I've seen about "The 'Stache!" this whole campaign season. Whoever this NYPartyGuy is, I like his/her style!

"The 'Stache!" walked out on Juniper Park Civic. Will he do the same to the Manhattan Beach Community Group? Or will there actually be a debate in Manhattan Beach tomorrow at 8 PM at PS 195 on Irwin St.? We shall see...


  1. Weprin's campaign has personally confirmed to me that they'll be appearing tomorrow, and they've scheduled a few extra debates (including on NY1!) in the recent days, so I think they've possibly turned their ship around on the debate issue.

    I suspect an interesting outcome is still possible from this debate, I can't elaborate just yet ;)

  2. Oh c'mon... can't leave a teaser like that! I'll link you, I promise :-P