Thursday, September 1, 2011

Deafening Silence For "The 'Stache!" in Brooklyn

Hear that? That's the sound of the support David "the 'Stache!" Weprin is getting from his colleagues in Brooklyn.

I'll keep it (relatively) short, but as I was watching the Turner-Weprin debate in Manhattan Beach (yes, he showed up!), I saw support from Sen. Marty Golden, who was sitting in the crowd in a town hall meeting supporting Bob Turner - outside of his district. I remembered Congressman Michael Grimm throwing a fundraiser for Bob Turner at a venue in Mill Basin - outside of his district. I remembered Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis attending a Turner volunteer movement in Sheepshead Bay - outside of her district.

Brooklyn Republican electeds are "all in" for Bob Turner. And they're putting out the effort.

But here we were in the heart of Southern Brooklyn, home of a (if not THE) strong Dem machine, and there was... no one? No Dem electeds in attendance? No Councilman or Assemblyman (I'll give Carl Kruger a pass, he has enough on his plate!) glad-handing, introducing "the 'Stache!" around to prime Dem voters? Really?

Is he just not well liked? Are the Brooklyn Dems ticked that they're losing influence to Queens? Whatever the reason, in my opinion, The Dems are writing off Brooklyn as Bob Turner Country.


Due to the debate, there's no radio show this week - talk to you next week on the internet airwaves!

Parting Shot: Those Turner supporters are so amazingly creative! First NYPartyGuy, now this! (h/t The Daily Politics) They QUACK me up!


  1. I didn't even realize that until you said it. Hmmmm, very interesting!!!

  2. david your time is up