Friday, September 2, 2011

"O" No! Scoreboard Tells The Story!

Well, well, well... would you looky here! We got ourselves a tied ballgame!

Even ardent "'Stache!" supporters have got to admit, this hasn't been the best of weeks for supporters of the Dem-Machine Obama-Automaton Candidate for NY-9. And after this week, you wouldn't blame them is they were scoreboard watching just a bit.

It started out with a political storm over the "'Stache!" using a storm to back out of a debate in Queens after he mis-remembered what the national debt is by about 10 TRILLION Dollars. Yeouch!

He ended the week by getting trounced in Manhattan Beach at a town-hall forum where "the 'Stache's!" Union-shills in the crowd were the only friendly faces he saw staring back at him. But then today, the New York Daily News - "New York's Hometown Paper" - endorsed Bob Turner over him and GOP Polling put the race at a dead heat, noting that "Bob Turner Owns The Momentum In This Race"

Boy, does he ever! The tone of the article in print and online are talking the Turner language. You see how national political sites like Roll Call and and Real Clear Politics are talking about how this race is turning into a referendum on President Obama.

Speaking of "the President of my party" as "the 'Stache!" called him in Manhattan Beach, ( I kid you not... he actually said that. Apparently that title takes precedent over being President of the United States to Mr. Weprin - funny how many Republicans share that view!) President Obama's ground troops will be stumpin' for his machine-automaton candidate.

So much for keeping distance from Mr. Hope-and-Change.

If you thought that this race was about Obama's track record before, I can only imagine what voters in the district, many of whom aren't exactly fond of our President, will think when his connection to "the 'Stache!" is so direct. You have to think that some of those machine-dollars that everyone knew "the 'Stache!" would raise will line their coffers. (And for those who will tout the dollars, let us not forget that Congressman Michael Grimm won while being outspent $2,684,660 to $1,202,850 in 2010. Money ain't a thing when you're right on message.)

So do I call him "'StacheBama!" now? How about "O-'Stache!-Ma"? Actually, I kind of like the latter.... hmm....

If I was "the 'Stache!", I'd be saying "do me a favor and stop doing me favors!" I can only assume that Bob Turner will be more than happy to let everyone know about "the 'Stache's!" latest knight-in-shining-armor riding to his "aid."

We'll see how this latest development effects the 'ol scoreboard on Election Day.

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  1. yes gene , o-'stache!-ma sounds way better....